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Hamisa Mobetto giving Zari sleepless nights

08 SEP 2017 6:00 PM


Hamisa Mobetto while pregnant and inset is Zari and Diamond Platnumz

It all started with Hamisa Mobetto being the lead video vixen in Diamond Platnumz Salome video, it soon became another project just like Zari met Platnumz on the plane.

It was not long before the Tanzanian model and socialite had her tummy bulging, like they say, it takes two tango, so who was the man responsible for the pregnancy?

The model seems to suggest it's Platnumz responsible, she also named the baby after the singer if the baby's Instagram account is anything to go by. It's said that when the baby was born, Diamond Platnumz mom went visiting and also took some clothes for the new born.

Not once, not twice, Zari has been at war with this Tanzanian model. There's a time Zari landed on earrings that surely did not belong to her at Platnumz crib, chic was suspect number one. She then went on to put on bugs bunny sweat pants, now if they were Diamond's or she just bought herself a pair to make a statement, that will be for another day, but Zari could not just let it pass, she wrote this;

"Afuge dread, avai na boxers apige picha sehemu zote in madale to have her point seen…the thirst is real, that awkward moment when you separately try hard. These ain’t loyal nawaooo"

Hamisa Mobetto putting on Diamond Platnumz bugs bunny pants

In the Swahili bit, Zari tells her to also do dreads and wear his boxers and also share the clips for all to view. The war between these two is far from over. In the pic below, the three are taking pics from the same point at a house in South Africa. Mobetto recently posed a question to Zari that; "Why do thieves get mad when what they stole is stolen from them?"

Hamisa Mobetto and Zari in the same room in a South Africa house

"Tanzanian babes have never gotten to terms with the fact that Zari came from wherever to grab one of their own, fine, Wema Sepetu did not deliver on some aspects, but another Tanzanian babe would have replaced her as opposed to Zari," One noted.

Zari is 9 years older than her baby daddy and it's for this reason that Mobetto thinks Platnumz should be left to hang with his agemates;

"I don’t hate being old, but truth is I am not there yet, Where are my agemates," Mobetto concludes.

Zari responds:

In a phone call to one of the media houses, Zari came out to say of how she put her baby daddy on the spot to tell her if it's true Mobetto's child was his, he said to me that Mama Tiffah, that is not my child, I equally suffered when my dad dumped me when I was little so I cannot subject that to my blood.

Zari added that Mobetto's baby daddy is a guy who owns a radio station in Tanzania and is the one who paid the hospital bills.

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