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Semwanga property conflict, Zari on top of the game

27 Jul 2017 11:53AM


Brooklyn City College CEO Zari Hassan in her office
Brooklyn City College CEO Zari Hassan in her office

It's been hard times for this mom of five, but she has literally fought everything that crossed her way. It all started with the death of her ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga, two months back and shortly after that, her baby daddy and current lover, Diamond Platnumz, wanted to throw her out, but they managed to resolve their issues.


Just a week back, her mom died following a short illness, but she could not spend any minute in Uganda after the burial, she had to get the next flight to South Africa where another battle for Semwanga's property is on-going. So much was going on with her that she missed her ex-husband forcing her to go and check on the grave in Kayunga where he was buried. This happened four days before her mom passed on.

It should be recalled that a committee was formed here in Uganda to manage Semwanga's properties, but that committee has since been disbanded after learning that Zari was on top of her game back in South Africa, being a 'native' there, she is conversant with the laws and how business is run there, now this was working to the detriment of the folks in Uganda.

Ivan Semwanga's little sister, Rita Semwanga, has equally dashed to South Africa to join the other relatives in throwing Zari out of managing Semwanga's wealth, they want her to concentrate on her loverboy Diamond Platnumz.


Zari is trying, but the game looks so complicated and the players do not care that much now that Zari had dumped Ivan afterall. The beast orange lamborghini, which was the first to touch the Ugandan soil was sold and it's not clear who sold it. Zari confirms the ride is not in their custody.

The rate at which shares in the school are being sold is at an alarming rate, Ivan was able to bring back Zari to the management of the school days before he died, but it's now left to be seen how she can turn things around. Zari had been fired when Diamond Platnumz came into play.


Zari in her office

"Wake up, say a prayer & give thanks, enjoy a cup of tea and get down to business. For what God decided can never be changed neither questioned. Pray for wisdom, strength & direction for each new path God puts you on. #StayGrateful because others, fight battles worse than yours."




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Semwanga's relatives are in South Africa to let the authorities know that Ali Senyomo who died did not have children. We told of how the Ali Senyomo name came up, Ivan had been deported, so he bounced back to the coubntry with a new identity, Ali Senyomo which clearly meant he was a different person. The new plan to throw Zari out is centered along those lines, we will keep you posted on the developments as and when they become available.

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