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Zari reveals her last moments with ex-husband, Ivan Semwanga

02 JUN 2017 9:00 PM


Zari speaking to Tanzania's Ayo TV


  • Interview was held in Swahili, but Zari realizes a good number of her fans in Uganda will miss out on the message if she kept to the Swahili language, so she did some English too.
  • Ivan had High Blood Pressure, but never took it seriously,
  • He got a stroke and fell, hitting his head that resulted in a blood clot,
  • The head operation failed as a result of over bleeding,
  • I will not abandon Ivan's family,
  • The world knows he has three sons, the other child is adopted and she calls me mommy,
  • We adopted her after her dad died saving us,
  • Ivan's foster dad apologized because he realized he was on the losing side.

Zari started off by defending Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika, who was blasted for not standing with her friend during the difficult times. She has sent me lots of comforting messages in my inbox.

Ivan had pressure, but he never took it seriously, he was not taking his medication. He got a stroke on his left side and in the process fell badly hitting his head. He was diagnosed with a blood clot.

Zari went on to explain how the doctors told her that 80% of such patients die, 10% will die within a month and the other 10 if ever they make it, they will be purely dependant on other people to the point that they won't have a clue of what is going on around them.

The head operation was not successful because his pressure had shot up. He also over bled, doctors were forced to stop the operation that was to resume at a later stage. The second operation was not possible because his blood pressure had shot to 220 as opposed to the normal one which is 120, the doctors just called us to come and say goodbye.

We had been warned anyway that he was dying, so at about 2am, they called to let us know that he had passed on.

Cause of Death
Cause of death was as a result of over bleeding in the brain.

Ivan's Family
Ivan's foster Dad apologized after realizing that he was on a losing side irrespective of what he did..
Ads What people should know is that I met Ivan when he did not have money, his family can testify. We worked our way to the top by going to China and bringing stuff. I have no problem with Ivan's family, I need them, the kids need them and if I ever run broke, I will still run to them, so we need each other and I would never abandon Ivan's family.

The Schools and Ivan's property
I manage the schools in South Africa and I have the powers of attorney. We started from one room to the many branches you see today. He had called me back to work with him, I told him of how I had another family and was quite busy, he insisted that I come back, It's then that I told him it will have to be on my terms, I'm not an 8 to 5 type, I will only come in for a few hours, he said it was ok. We have two properties in South Africa, those I will manage.

Ivan's child
She even talked about the other child they claim is for Ivan, Zari said that one is adopted because the father died as he tried to save Ivan's family.

It was hectic from the time he was admitted because I had to juggle with the kids, the hospital and the business so paying attention to social media was going to make me look stupid and I'm not stupid. However, the fans need to know what's happening, but the truth of the matter is, there's nothing interesting to post at this time.

Zari is not the official widow
Ivan Semwanga's family insist Zari is not the official widow

Ivan Semwanga's widow pregnant, we don't know Zari-Foster Dad

Ivan Semwanga's foster dad was forced to apologize to mourners after he said that Zari was not the official widow, However, Zari says he did all that after realizing he was a loser..See More

Message from Ivan Semwanga's son, Raphael

At the Requiem Mass 

"I knew he was going to die and I will not mourn him, I have cried from the time he was in hospital, I'm now strong, I will only celebrate his life. I will raise the 3 boys, my mom raised me single handedly, so I will do it. I moved on Ivan did not. I used to warn him about the binge drinking, but all he could say was, Mama Pinto, Life is too short, live everyday like there is no tomorrow. It didn't make sense then, it now does that he is dead," Zari said.

Ivan Semwanga's Foster Dad, Herbert Luyinda, apologized to mourners. He could not speak due to his BP that had shot, his message was read;

"I will look after Ivan's children. Ivan's dad, George Semwanga, died in 1994 and left him [Ivan] under my custody, Ivan has died and left me with his children, I will look after them, I will look after, I will look after them. I'm sorry on behalf of the family, we should work together as a family...let's give Ivan a descent send off...till we meet again, bye Ivan."


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