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Zari and Semwanga's family property row deepens

25 JUL 2017 5:50 PM


Zari arguing with one of Ivan Semwanga's relatives

Fresh details have emerged in the Zari-Semwanga fight for property. Ivan Semwanga's family members have unleashed a whole new plan that will see Zari losing out on her former husband's wealth that includes properties, cars, but most importanlty the schools.

As you may recall, when Ivan Semwanga's body returned to Uganda, it was in the names of Ali Senyomo, something that brought in a lot of confusion to an extent that some were thinking Ivan had not died, but sadly, it turned out he was dead after family members made his pics public.

No one was allowed to view his body apart from a few family members, it's for that reason that some circles wanted the body exhumed under the guise of removing the money he was vuried with, but they just wanted to proove if it was really Ivan in that coffin.


Why the Ali Senyomo name!

Ivan Semwanga went to South Africa, but along the way, he got problems there that led to his coming back to Uganda where he got a new passport in the name of Ali Senyomo and that is the name he's been using to transact all his businesses and in the records, it's Senyomo and not Semwanga that owns the properties.

Records have it that Ali Senyomo died and did not leave any children behind. It's against that background that Ivan Semwanga's foster dad is using to kick Zari out of the management of the schools and other properties.

It should be recalled that during the vigil in Muyenga, Luyinda [Ivan's foster dad] told mourners that he would take care of Ivan's children now that Ivan's dad had equally taken care of him while little.

He however added that looking at Zari's lifestyle, a DNA test would be required to ascertain if Ivan was the biological father, he retracted the statement after being bashed and during the requiem mass, he apologized to both families.

Herbert Luyinda recently travelled to South Africa to try and gain access to the estate and as expected, a heated argument ensued as seen from a screen shot when Zari is arguing with one of Ivan Semwanga's relatives who claims to have the Ali Senyomo paperwork.

Zari visits Ivan Semwanga's grave

"Bin a min bro, passed by to see how u keeping. Gone but not forgotten," Zari captioned the pic



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