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Diamond Platnumz spends Zari's birthday with her in South Africa

24 SEP 2017 06:16 PM

Tiffah playing with her dad, Diamond Platnumz as Zari was in background
Diamond Platnumz was forced to record a clip for his fans to prove that he was down in South Africa

Four days to Zari's birthday, Diamond Platnumz told whoever cared to know that he was the biological father of Hamisa Mobetto's son, Prince Abdul. This has left fans of both camps divided as excited Hamisa is now talking about giving birth to twins hours after another babe from Burundi came out claiming the Utanipenda singer is the father of her twins.


There's quite a lot for Platnumz to deal with at this point in time following the news he made to the world, he attributes the act to the devil that tempted him to sleep with his video vixen.

Zari turned 37 yesterday and this is her take;

"It's usually said 3am is the best time to pray and am usually up to give thanks and praise.... Regardless of the trials one goes through in life, giving thanks and still appreciating what's left is a MUST. And am here today to thank God for my life, my kids, my family, my friends, my work and you my fans. Tonight was about thanking God for another year as many haven't made it this far. Thank you God for my life and happy birthday to me."

It's been hard for Zari to catch some sleep after what her baby daddy took her through. It should be recalled that all along, Platnumz was a bit tight lipped about the Hamisa Mobetto issue and when he commented, all he said was that chic was dying for fame, in the end, it turned out that fame was not the issue here, but he was actually the biological father something he had been denying from the very start.

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Matters were made worse when he revealed during his interview that he had agreed with Hamisa to keep this matter under wraps, but that, he will be taking care of her and the baby, he also went on to say how he had even bought her a RAV4 car to help them with their mobility needs.

Zari and Platnumz during the happy days
Right now all is not well, so it will take a bit of time before the fans can see romantic shots like these.. 

This rubbed Zari the wrong way, considering she was the one trying to tell the public that Platnumz was not the baby daddy and had convinced her beyond reasonable doubt that he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

There was no better way for Platnumz celebrating Zari's birthday than being by her side to plead for forgiveness and mercy, but before making his way to SA, these were the words he used to mark Zari's special day;

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"Beauty and Beauty I'll probably walk and find some who are also, but mind, wisdom, with your spirit in trouble and tell me, It's the only thing that makes me love and appreciate you as much as the day goes ... when they say in every success of a man there is a strong woman behind, does not mean she's cooking and washing too much instruments or washing clothes every day ... No! is a woman who has been shoulder to shoulder with a partner in trouble with, Happy Birthday General"

Meanwhile, the new Burundi mama of twins is still waiting patiently for the singer's response on the matter, she tabled, whether or not Platnumz will respond on this is something we are monitoring closely. She adds that Zari is 42 and not 37 as seen from a copy of her passport which she [Jesca] claims to have, not so sure how this will help her bid to have Platnumz shower her twins with fatherly love. Watch this space!!


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