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Winnie Nwagi in tears as lover smashes her two plasma TVs

19 DEC 2017 1:15 PM

 Winnie Nwagi says she is joining 2018 single, but she is not searching


It all started when their daughter graduated a few days back, she will be joining the primary section, baby daddy was a no show at the school.

On getting back home, the Detergent singer, found a cake home with this caption: "Congratulations, from your loving dad."

This made the Swangz Avenue singer mad, she dashed to her Snapchat hurling all sorts of insults, A cake, is that all you could give to your daughter?

She went on to reveal how she was providing everything and all he could do was just to abuse her..
This did not go down well with Josh and in the end, a fight ensued leading to the destruction of two plasma TVs leaving Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi with no choice, but to call it quits.

Scroll down for video;

"Look what this broke a$$ did to my TV, where is the other one, where is the TV, look to what he did to my other TV, both TV's are broken, this broke aZz, I'm officially done with him, I was really tired of this he goat...

She sobs...Sorry to everyone that has been wondering why I was not putting my boyfriend on Snapchat and all, I can't explain much, but, this was an [sobs] abusive relationship, that's all I can say.

 AND I'm done with it, I'm so happy I'm going to start my new year single and I'm not searching, I don't want to get into a new relationship, I don't want it anymore...[sobs]..

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