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Joel Isabirye's touching story on ex-wife, Rebecca Jjingo

13 JUN 2017 12:57 PM



Joel Isabirye on his wedding day and inset is the new babe
Joel Isabirye with his new babe Natty K and top right is his 'Specioza' Rebecca Jjingo on their wedding day

It all started with Isabirye's ex, Rebecca Jjingo, who was interviewed on a local telly. The Ndabirawa singer revealed quite a lot including how she has remained grateful for the helicopter introduction ceremony, but broke down when she recalled the bad things the radio consultant did to her leading to their break up.

Joel Isabirye watched the clips and has now come up with his version of why he split with the radio personality. The long version can be got from his Facebook portfolio.

  • I opted out of a high paying job in America just because her career rotated around Luganda (Music and Shows)
  • She left home because I used to ask her why she always came back at 4:00am

The reasons I mentioned these things is to explain that Rebecca can sometimes tell lies. And it is a weakness I learnt of my spouse quite early in the relationship and I was willing to put up with it.

When we got married, Rebecca told me not to take up a highly paid job in America because she would not have what to do in the United States of America. I had got a job at an American university as a Professor. They were willing to take me and my whole family. My basic pay was more than all the income I get from what I do in Uganda in one month. The benefits were even more attractive. But in the interest of her opinion and the marriage I opted out. I do have the emails where I wrote to the head of department saying due to family reasons I have opted out.

Trying to reconcile your marriage is not a sign of weakness, it is not a sign of bending low, it is a sign of respect for the marriage that you undertook. And I did so with a clear conscience and mind, in spite of hearing from the sidelines that Rebecca was telling her friends how I was begging for her to come back and she was going to show me what she was made of. I was not bothered by that high school kind of talk because I knew that this was something a responsible person would try to resolve.

I was also told by all sorts of people to just forget the marriage. That a marriage filled with knives and scissors etc was not one I needed to belong to, but I did what I could to save it.

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Rebecca is violent. She has no problem throwing plates or cups at you or beating you up as the 16 house maids we had in eight months of marriage can testify. If you require their contacts they can be availed to you. Some spent only one day at the home and took off because she was violent towards them. 

She was unbearable. So when I saw the knife I thought it was something serious. In April 2014 she had tried to cut me with a scissor at home over a small argument.

I think Rebecca Jjingo is on a public relations campaign at the moment. Because these videos if they held merit would have come out in 2015 a few months after she left home full of anger for being told to be more open to her spouse and say where she would be going.





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