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A rare version of Zari after being linked to another 'lover'

By Mico  20 October 2021 02:14 am EAT

  • "It is very tiring explaining to strangers all the time..."
  • "I don't owe anyone any (.....) explanation, just believe whatever you wanna believe..."
Zari comes clean on the Kukyala pics

"He is an upcoming powerful, glorious gospel artist that I was privileged to work with, kindly ignore the rumors."

Pics of Zari being introduced by a yet to be identified hunk were doing the rounds on social media forcing her to come and explain the story behind the 'Kukyala' pics, it was a video concept.

"Hi fam there is a couple of pictures circulating on the internet kindly ignore that, It's from an upcoming powerful glorious gospel music that I was privileged to be part of, kindly ignore that..."


That explanation seemed not to have worked as the netizens were coming up with their conclusions, she bounced back this time round telling them off.

"Guys being on social media has made some of us slaves for you, we cannot do anything on social media without people coming out to say she is doing this, she is doing that without the criticism, without the judgement..."

"I just kinda feel like I need to get a few things off my chest this morning...We don't have to be explaining to you what I'm doing, and why I'm doing it and who I'm doing it with?

This follows the pics that were circulating on social media with Zari was a bride to a yet to be identified hunk, and that was the video concept, but the online in-laws were thrown into a frenzy thinking she had dumped Diamond and her Ghanaian hubby.

She later came out to explain that it was not anything close to what people are saying and that, it should be treated with the contempt it deserves. 

"He is an upcoming powerful, glorious gospel artist that I was privileged to work with, kindly ignore the rumors."


She continues in her video rants.

"So from today onwards, I'm just going to be in this zone where I'm like, what you see on the internet, how you want to perceive it, how you wanna take it, how you wanna receive it, whatever you gonna be seeing on any gossip pages, just believe whatever you want to, I am not gonna be held slave no more because people need to know, I don't owe you any (....) explanation, just believe whatever you want to believe."

"It is very tiring trying to explain to strangers whatever it is that is happening, why do I owe you an explanation?"

Zari has been in the limelight for close to 20 years and during that period, she is blessed with five children from two baby daddies, unfortunately, one passed.

Zari after telling off her followers

The South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman has also dated quite some because her relationships have been in the public domain, however, one of them who was going by the King Bae romantic nickname scammed her to the extent that she has been forced to change a few things.

Currently dating a Ghanaian actor with a romantic avatar of 'Dark Stallion' and 'co-parenting' with Diamond Platnumz, and to this she swears that nothing is going down with her baby daddy even when she spends nights at Madale, Zari is now cagey when it comes to her love life, she prefers to lay low like an envelope...

It is no wonder that when she was selected for the 'Kukyala' video concept, so many questions were asked and her online family of close to 10million followers on Instagram for example, received the news in a manner that attracted this rare outburst from Mama5.

"I'm done, I'm done guys sorry..."Zari concluded

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Zaharo Totto on being dumped

"No, Please No, Don't do it... Baby Baby, Do I beg you sometimes, so if I am begging you today that means I made a mistake, whatever happened, I was drunk, I am sorry," a crying Zahara pleaded.

Zari and King Bae

"So it is better to be yourself than pretending to be what you're not because, I have dated broke guys, dated not so good looking guys, because when I fall in love, I fall for the heart. If you have a good heart, we can connect... But that was the end of the story between me and King Bae."

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