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Fille Mutoni refutes claims that she is back into a rehab

By Michael Nampala  21 August 2021 12:43pm EAT

Fille Mutoni was the whole of yesterday rumored to have had a fight with one of her bosses at Maritini Entertainment. The fight was after she suffered a relapse to drug addiction and was undergoing rehabilitation.

Fille and Barbaritah...

Fille -"Me I'm okay..."

Fellow female artist, Babaritah, with whom they have two collaboration songs, Sawa Yona, being their latest had this message of comfort for her;

"You will be well my sister, Quick recovery. God is in control."

As the day progressed with Gossip TV channels having a feast day, Fille came out to say all was well and whatever talk doing the rounds were mere lies.


"I hope you BLOGGERS and JOURNALISTS earn something out of the LIES you spread... me am OKAY!"

In the comments section, Jackie Chandiru, who has fully recovered from the same came out to defend MC Kats' ex-lover.

"Hun…its likes they are after… but they can go to hell for all we care!" Jackie Chandiru


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