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Chameleone's bro, Pallaso, roasted for mimicking Davido

By Mico  20 January 2022 12:13 pm EAT

Pallaso's love for Davido has gone to a whole new level.

Pallaso roasted for copying Davido

Pallaso's "Baby on the Way" as his DMC Audi is being shipped in...

It should be recalled that not long back, Davido while celebrating his birthday decided to ask all artists that he had collaborated with to contribute towards his Lambo, the fans too jumped onto this and the Lambo price was surpassed.


The Silver beast is now being shipped to Naija in a post that the Naija star shared, it has 4k comments, 9k retweets and over 70,000 showing love.

Pallaso, who also refers to himself as the King of the East,  also tried out the same challenge to have his fans raise 100 million to help him rescue his Range Rover from Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), it was on the verge of being auctioned for failure to pay taxes, but he raised just over 5million an amount which was too low to clear the ride, he ended up donating the money to the Triplets Ghetto Kids and Oscar BigTyme.


Pallaso has now jumped onto Davido's 'Baby on the way' post to let his fans know that "his AUDI" was on the way, but it was not long before he was busted that the ride in question is owned by someone else.

While some of Pallaso's fans continue to thumbs up for him on the "Baby on the Way" post, the roasting continues in equal measure.

Tina Fierce - "What Pallaso has done is a classic representation of our Music fraternity! They fake it only never to make it! And when we call them out on their fake lifestyle they get angrier than we the people who are witnessing the NYOKARY"

"But why would Pallaso buy a downloaded pic?"

"Pallaso wetege Audi osilike..."


Pallaso and Davido have a song together dubbed 'Twatoba' but he is among the artists who did not respond to Davido's call to contribute to his Lamborghini ride.

Many more of those comments continue on Pallaso's  timeline as he prepares to release his 'Katonda' video tomorrow (Jan 21).

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