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Leila Kayondo returns with a bang from her US holiday

By Michael Nampala  20 July 2021 4:56pm EAT

Leila Kayondo is back in the country from her holiday in the US where she has been for months recuperating from the loss of five important people that include parents.

Leila Kayondo back from her US holiday

Leila Kayondo being interviewed and inset is her manager Emma White

Leila Kayondo lost both her parents in the year 2020, a brother and an auntie let alone her South Africa based lover making it her worst year ever.

The Manifesto singer who also recovered from Covid-19 says that she suffered a memory loss as a result of those sad happenings that happened more or less at the same time.

Leila was talking about this in the interviews she held before leaving the US and on arrival in Uganda. For some reason, all interviews had to touch the issue of her ex-lover SK Mbuga.

"Who is he?" Leila asked.


"With the problems I had, I suffered a memory loss and SK Mbuga is one of them, I don't seem to recall him, but now that I'm getting back to my senses, kindly remind me who was he?"

All is not lost when it comes to Leila Kayondo's love life, the Awo singer says that as long she will be the only woman in his life, the right one is more than welcome to propose to her and if he does not, she will propose to him if at all she likes him.

Leila subscribes to the Islamic faith, but she adds that the issue of four wives won't work with her and even if she gets into that relationship unknowingly and finds out that there are other women involved, that will mark the end of that relationship. 

Leila Kayondo who opines that music is her first love and the rest follow says that the right man should, however, not surprise her because it has been a while since she was last surprised.

Leila Kayondo and her manager Emma White
Leila Kayondo and her manager Emma White

It should be 'process by process.' 

Don't bring all these items at one go; land title, car, cake, flowers, 10million shillings on mobile money, they should all come in phases for better results.

Leila Kayondo is back to the country at the time when artists are being enrolled to several musical groups like Uganda Musicians Association headed by Cindy Sanyu and Uganda Musicians Federation, the very latest headed by Jose Chameleone, Leila said that she will subscribe to all of them, but the moment it turns out that the members are self centered, she will tell them off.

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