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No wedding for me, I'm in it for the money-Sheilah Gashumba

By Michael Nampala 19 Apr 2021 09:35 AM EAT

Sheilah Gashumba has confirmed that she is in it for the money. If you had plans of marrying Frank Gashumba's daughter, you might have to think again following her tweet in which she confirmed that she was in it for the money and not about to walk down the aisle.

Sheila Gashumba's tweet

Sheilah Gashumba - "My soulmate is money, unfortunately I will never get a wedding."

"My soulmate is money, unfortunately I will never get a wedding."

The tweet is coming, days after the Yokuku brand ambassador underwent a painful needle just to replace her boyfriend's back tattoo following their fallout.

Sheilah Gashumba's tweet


Eight years back, Sheilah referred to all those that inked their bodies to a Bajaj which happens to be an Indian two or three wheeler bike.

At the time, she was a classy girl.

"Classy girls don't have tattoos, reason is, no one will intentionally scratch a Bentley or a private jet. If you got a tattoo on you, you're a Bajaj..."

In 2019, Sheilah officially became a Bajaj when she inked herself with a God's Plan tat, this was when she was madly and deeply in love with her Prince Charming Marcus Ali Lwanga AKA God's Plan.

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The lockdown took a fair share on the relationship that not even the Tanzanian holiday could resuscitate the then bumpy affair that was headed for the rocks.

As a way of letting their fans know that it was over, Sheilah and God's Plan showed off their new significant others clearly confirming that it was over between them.

Sheilah Gashumba stunning in this white jumpsuit

Sheilah Gashumba stunning in this white jumpsuit

Before the fans could get to terms with what was going on, Sheilah was again spotted with rapper Rickman Manrick real name Derrick Ddungu of the 'Ebbango Waliwanika' fame.

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As Sheilah puts it, that "My soulmate is money..." maybe the people you are seeing her with after falling out with 'God's Plan' is a way of bonding with her soulmate, money but she is quick to warn that; ''I will never get a wedding."

These are some of the comments;

"Comedy will never end in Uganda wama Sheilah Gashumba
 nze I wish you the best some of us, we weren't made to be wives let's make money."

"U are still too young to make such statements. Unless it's what u really wish to happen to your life. U can never tell what the future holds. Be positive. God will send u a better man."

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"I understand when you say that you will never get a wedding because instead of a ring,you opted for a tattoo."

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