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Precious Remmie introduces lover to parents in a pre-intro ceremony

By Mico  17 October 2021 07:36 am EAT

Livewire's Precious Remmie has introduced her new found love Raymond Bindeeba to her parents in a ceremony locally known as 'Kukyala' implying that more is yet to come.

Raymond and Precious Remmie

UNSTOPPABLE: Precious Remmie has introduced Raymond to her parents leaving her critics and haters more shocked

As the fans were still getting to terms with the engagement, the unstoppable Precious Remmie was letting her fiance meet the parents for the very first time to initiate plans for the 'Kwanjula' and subsequently the wedding.


Precious Remmie is getting closer to being Mrs. Bindeeba.
Those that were saying that Raymond was engaged to other women before have gotten to a point of saying that he never got to this point making Precious Remmie to beat them all.

Don Zella and Zahara Totto will now hold their breath.

Remmie fondly calls Raymond her Cocktail.

"Thank you my cocktail for bringing so much joy in my life am grateful, Thank you God."

Those were Remmie's words after the engagement party.

One of Raymond's ex-lover is so convinced it will not work out between him and Ray-P, but the TV and radio personality is ready for whatever happens on her love journey Mr. Cocktail.

Happy couple - Raymond and Precious Remmy

Happy couple - Raymond and Precious Remmy

"They say Raymond is broke and I'm the one sponsoring him, it's okay," Remmie added.


Her Livewire co-host Garbriella Ntaate aka Garbie is so happy for her.

"A big congrats to my beautiful friend. She found the one. And we are happy, so happy. Congrats."

"I will celebrate this with you until you can’t smile no more from exhaustion. May this be everything you prayed for. Congratulations mine. I wish I could do more my love, but I will be right here for it all. Love you," Garbie concluded.

SourceUganda Online


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