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Whatever you say, Raymond Bindeeba, is mine-Precious Remmie

By Mico  16 October 2021 08:28 am EAT

Livewire co-host, Remma Nakitto, commonly known as Ray-P or Precious Remmie has come out to say that nothing is going to stop them with her new found love.

Raymond and Precious Remmie

Raymond in shades feeds Precious Remmie and the couple dances the moment away after their engagement

After her engagement party to Ben Bindeeba Raymond, a California based Nkuba Kyeyo, the mother of one says is ready for whatever comes, if he is married, it is okay, if he got someone pregnant, it is fine, if he was engaged to someone else before this, no problem and this she said while presenting along side Garbie Ntate, her co-host.


Many are pretty certain this will end in premium tears, in fact , they remind her of how going public with someone you hardly know can end up, citing another TV host Faridah Nakazibwe and her then lover, Omar who had convinced her that she was a Doc only to turn out to be a UBER driver.

Raymond never takes off his shades, something that makes him a suspect. In the above pic that looks like a 'Kukyala' he was all covered up.

Her engagement party was held earlier in the week, Aziz Azion, Spice Diana, Mikie Wine and Geosteady were in attendance, and in all the pics that were taken, Raymo had his shades on.

Precious Remmie met Raymond on a flight as she travelled with Spice Diana to Instabul in July 2021.


Some claim that the reason Remmie is coming out this early could be that she is pregnant for Raymond, "Lwakwekazza, naye tebajja kuwangala ne Ben, ali lubutto naye yatomedde," another said in a clip doing the rounds on social media.

Raymond on a bended knee as he put a ring on it

Raymond on a bended knee...

Minutes after the engagement news, socialite Don Zella came out to say that the very month they claim to have met, she was with Ben Ray, she is pretty certain it won't work out between them because he had wanted Zella, but because he was broke, it ended in a one night stand.

''Oba Muyaye abere, abeere, abeere...'' Precious Remmie who looked stressed is seen dancing with Garbie to that old time school song as they went on with their show a day back.

"We do the walk, they do the talking," Remmie hit back at Zahara Totto who has having a feast day talking about the new couple in town, it should be recalled that Zahara Totto and Don Solo's affair that also had a fake BMW as a present on being hooked up ended in her being roughed up.

There is a time when Golola was a guest and Precious Remmie as the host, the kick boxer had to lift her in the air as she pleaded for mercy with claims that she was married, Ray-P has been linked to many men, but not coming out in the open, but, she now joins the battle for the top celebrity couple in town, many have tried and burnt their toes in the process.


Anita Fabiola, Rema Namakula and Zari are the top candidates for the 'Top Celebrity Couple' with their significant others, they seem to be doing well and now, Precious Remmie joins to give it a try.

Re echoing Don Zella's words, socialite Natie, who happens to be DJ Nimorod and Prof. Joel Isabirye's ex and recently introduced to another man has also warned Precious Remmie that it is always short lived for those men who want the limelight.

''Ndi Mukyala Bindeeba Omu Bwatti," Precious Remmie ascertained.

SourceUganda Online


Faridah Nakazibwe and her ex

...good men are hard to find, but Faridah thinks otherwise, they are just hard to entice and win over.

Zaharo Totto on being dumped

"No, Please No, Don't do it... Baby Baby, Do I beg you sometimes, so if I am begging you today that means I made a mistake, whatever happened, I was drunk, I am sorry," a crying Zahara pleaded.

Zari and King Bae

"So it is better to be yourself than pretending to be what you're not because, I have dated broke guys, dated not so good looking guys, because when I fall in love, I fall for the heart. If you have a good heart, we can connect... But that was the end of the story between me and King Bae."

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