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Vinka pulls a van-dame kick on a South Sudan fan

By Michael Nampala 16 May 2021 10:29 PM EAT

Vinka kicks a fan in the face for inappropriately touching her privates, it is said that the fan is nursing serious facial injuries...

Vinke named Vinka Li

Vinka trending on Twitter for kicking a Juba based fan who touched her inappropriately

Veronica Luggya aka Vinka is in Juba where she went for EID performances at Bros Hotel and Club Signature, AND, all was well until a fan tried to place his hand at the new mom's lower parts, she responded immediately by kicking him hard in the face.



Once was not enough, seconds later, another kick came flying from the mom of one who was clad in boots that left the fan nursing serious facial injuries.

Bouncers were quick at quelling the situation. The fan was whisked away as Vinka continued with her performance, Kaliba, was the song she was doing at the time.

The Swangz Avenue signed artist has since been trending on Twitter and gaining fans from all over Africa following her Jet Li move that has left some fans calling her Vinka Li.

These were some of the comments that followed:

  • "I like how you kicked that nuisance. You just gained a fan from Nigeria..."
  • "Next time wear high heels love, the damage will be more severe then."
  • "Kulika omudinka Vero..."
  • "Very soon you might give Golola a run for his money."

Vinka was clad in a maroon costume on net leggings something which attracted the front row fan to touch her inappropriately.

Most female fans are of the view that her dress code did not give the fan an open ticket to be touched, they add that she could have kicked him even harder.

However, looking at a clip of Vinka in her last days of pregnancy, she could still afford to kicking dance moves, how about now when she is not heavy, you can be sure those kicks will be flying all over to the undisciplined fans like the unlucky one from Juba.

SourceUganda Online


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