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God's Plan reconsiders move to release more Sheilah Gashumba secrets

By Mico  18 February 2022 08:15 am EAT

It has been two days of war between former lovers Sheilah Gashumba and God's Plan aka Marcus Ali Lwanga after the latter attacked Rickman, who happens to be Sheilah's current lover.

Back in the days - Sheilah Gashumba and God's Plan

The trouble stems from the fact that Rickman used to camp at his apartment purportedly as a friend, but he had sinister motives up his sleeves, he was not only eating food and drinks, but also ended up in bed with the Lil Stunner.


In her latest tweet, Sheilah Gashumba, has maintained that words used to break her, but not anymore, they instead make her stronger...

"Words used to break us but now they build us, make us stronger and even inspire us to be bigger and better."

This follows the spilling of beans that her ex-lover God's Plan real name Marcus Ali Lwanga has been up to in the last two days.

Lwanga who was speaking fluent Luganda to the amusement of some who all along thought he did not know the local dialect said  he had decided to forgive Sheilah.

And for that case, therefore, the receipts that he was about to release regarding Sheilah's escapades will for now remain with him.

God's Plan had started naming people who were romantically involved with Sheilah and this was after he had hacked into her cell phone, he was spilling nothing but the gospel truth.


Close pals have appealed to him to spare the Lil Stunner as spilling more beans will just tear her world apart, and going by his latest clip, he seems to have backed down, but warned Sheilah to coil her tail as well.

"I have known Sheilah for 3 and a half years and some of her family members are really good people. I really like her siblings and they like me too, I was so close to them because they were good boys. Her mother is very close to me."

"So if I hit Sheilah, I will be hitting these people and you should thank them especially your mom. And please, stop disrespecting people, have good manners and be humble. What I said was just 1 percent, so if I really wanted to ruin your life, I would have because I don't lie."

"This should teach you a lesson people don't forget, be humble, I'm just being lenient...let this teach you a lesson, that not every battle you have to fight, that you have to win, Advertisements understand, and the people around you should advise you, don't make foolish mistakes, don't disrespect people, don't do things that will make people revenge at you...You've called all my buddies in the UK and Uganda asking them to plead with me to cease fire...but there's nothing they could do because If I have made up my mind, that is it..."

The only thing that has forced me to back off are your siblings and mom, that's all.

SourceUganda Online


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