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Valentine Gift-Hellen Lukoma redefines the game, gifted with a customized HL Range Rover

By Mico  16 February 2022 02:51 pm EAT

Singer, actress, model Hellen Lukoma of the 'Olinye Ya Majje' fame is a proud owner of a black Range Rover with customized HL number plates.

Hellen Lukoma gifted with a Range Rover

 Hellen Lukoma - "My Heaven sent hubby, Anwar... he was made for me and me alone..."

It came as a surprise as Hellen was going about her routine duties.

"I was home after taking Heaven (their first born) to school and the love of my life said we were going for dinner... He called me to say that I should make my way to the Golden Tulip hotel and that is where I landed on a black Range Rover..."


Hellen was filled with tears of joy and could not help as the father of her two children went down on his knees to hand her the keys and number plate to the posh ride.

Asked what the magic was, and Hellen was like and that is nothing, he is capable of a lot more.

"I have two children, Ata and Ark, with my Heaven sent Anwar, we have been together for five years. I am a good person and my hubby is the only one in this world, he was made for me and by the way, that is nothing compared to the things he has done."

Hellen Lukoma and husband Anwar Kaka
Celebrating love - Hellen Lukoma and hubby Anwar Kaka

As many go down on their knees requesting for a hand in marriage while armed with a ring, Anwar went down with 'HL' registration plates...

The 'Gwe Aliwo' singer was also given a bouquet of white and yellow flowers that rhyme with the front-white and back-yellow 'HL' registration plates. HL initials stand for HELLEN LUKOMA.


The excited Lukoma who was shedding tears of joy just went down on her knees to thank the father of her two children, this was a Valentine gift like no other.

It was not your usual red flowers or chocolates, it was a black Range Rover with white balloons all over the hotel basement area.

It is not the first time Kaka Anwar is gifting his wifey with a ride, he once gave her a Harrier Kawundo, so a Range Rover was an upgrade of sorts.

Hellen Lukoma's hubby on his knees
Hellen Lukoma's hubby on his knees while handing over the reg plates and the Rover keys

"My love just gifted me with a brand new Range Rover Sport. Isn’t love such a beautiful feeling," HL posted.

"Dear Lord, he is everything and more. And just like that boom, my prayers answered Happy valentines my A You saved me Ata, Ark and I love you endlessly," They 'Call me Lukoma' concluded.

SourceUganda Online


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