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Kabako's wife Dumuna Jaz on the rampage as hubby is arrested

By Michael Nampala  15 Jun 2021 08:48 PM EAT

For the last three days, Roden Yusuf Ssenabulya aka Kabako has been causing a storm in Busabala over a piece of land. Apparently, the land believed to be owned by Kabako has other occupants who are also claiming to be the righful owners.

Kabako and wife Dumuna

Kabako and his wife Jazira Dumuna at their land in Busabala being claimed by other occupants

The 'Number Emu' singer has vowed never to leave the land and he uses a lot of energy similar to what he does while performing on stage to make his point.

Kabako is not alone in this fight as his wife Dumuna Jazira who recently introduced him to her parents joins along backing him up all the way, something she has promised to do to the very end.


"If you are going to hurt my husband, you will hurt me first, but we are not leaving this land..." as they both flagged the agreement which they used to buy the said land to whoever cared to know.

As she was still yelling to the other "owners," Kabako told her that she should also bring their children so that they all camp at the land under dispute.

Jaz obliged to the amusement of the onlookers that she will bring their children to start spending nights at the piece of land under contention.

It was not long before Kabako was dragged to a waiting Harrier that sped off to Kibibi Police Station. The scene could only be compared to a 'KiNa Uganda' local film in the making.

Kabako's wife got onto a Boda Boda that followed the speeding car with her husband signed to the Team No Sleep music label.

"Omwami wange mumutwalawa, Talina musango..."

"Where are you taking my husband? he has no case to answer..." Jazira roared.

If you know Kabako and his energy, the wife uses more or less the same energy while communicating her message, it is worse when they even try to take the little they have amidst not performing for a year due to COVID-19, Kabako and the wife were another problem as he himself puts it.

Other Kabako fans riding on Boda Boda's could be overheard saying; "Kabakoooo, Kabako Bamutwala..."

In the end, he was released and his next destination was his land where he vowed to deal with anyone claiming to be the owner.

Still on Kabako's land, the area Local Council Chairman said that he does not know Kabako in the area as a land owner. No amount of noise that he makes will make him the rightful owner, chances are he was fleeced, so the best thing for him to do is to calm down and handle the matters amicably.

" He should produce papers that show that he is the rightful owner of the land," Ntuyo, the Chairman concluded.

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