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Sheilah Gashumba's ex God's Plan brands Rickman Manrick a snake

By Mico  15 February 2022 02:09 pm EAT

Valentine's day is a day for lovers to share pleasantries, but Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God's Plan used the day to hit out at singer Rickman Manrick, Sheilah Gashumba's current lover.

You're a snake - God's Plan to Rickman

God's PLAN attacks Rickman Manrick for having snatched Sheilah Gashumba from after pretending to be a close pal...

In a Snapchat post decorated with green snakes emojis, God's Plan who is currently in the UK has revealed how the 'Bango' singer ended up dating his then girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba.

"He used to come to my apartment to chill, drink and eat food..."


God's Plan and Sheilah called it quits in March last year after efforts of trying to reconcile failed, not even the trip to Zambia could help work things out as the Lil Stunner was instead eyeing someone else who turned out to be a scammer.

Fast forward, Sheilah Gashumba approached Rickman Manrick on the grounds that she could promote her music, but the two ended up developing feelings for each other.


This was made possible through the constant fights they used to have as a result of accusing each other of infidelity, and as God's Plan puts it, he used to come to my apartment for food, drinks and chilling...making Rickman Manrick the next best alternative.

Sheilah Gashumba and her current and previous lover

Sheilah was once linked to Fik Fameica, then Grenade Official, but the latter led to a fight between the Lil Stunner and  God's Plan, a fight that almost broke the internet after landing on info that she was with Grenade, the 'Alright' singer in a top Kampala hotel.

God's Plan did not see this coming because Grenade was less of a problem, the real problem was Rickman Manrick, who could walk into their apartment at any time, he is now the man in charge, but also, not a happy man after Sheilah was in the company of 'Bad Man Looking Good in Dior' singer Ruger,  she had no time for him.

Actually, they also did not post each other on Valentine's Day as the bad man was looking good in diorrr...

SourceUganda Online


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