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Sipapa speaks out on the minor accident that got him trending on Twitter

By Mico  14 March 2022 07:48 pm EAT

Socialite Charles Olim aka SIPAPA has been trending in the last couple of hours on Twitter and this is why.

Sipapa and his rides..,

Sipapa admits that he knocked the silver Merc, but he requested the driver to follow him so he could compensate him with 300k in damages...

It all started with a March 11 Tweet by a one Ben tagging Uganda Police after Sipapa scratched his silver Mercedes, the accident left the tail light cracked.


"Kindly help. A one Sipapa driving a numberless black land cruiser V8, driving in a wrong lane knocked me and because he was armed and also had armed UPDF soldiers in the car, he threatened to shoot me because I am inferior and drove off..." 

Many had to jump on this tweet and among them was an NBS TV presenter, Canary Mugume, who had this to say;

"Sipapa is untouchable, unfortunately. Even top ranking cops fear him. They don’t know how he acquired armed state security. But I hope you find justice some day."

Sipapa has many of these monster rides that he cruises around and on a good day, he will not hesitate to cruise in the wrong lane just like Ben explained in his tweet.

Sipapa's rides and the scratched silver Merc
Sipapa's rides and the scratched silver Merc

Using Facebook, Sipapa came out to defend his actions saying that he does not use Twitter, that he fondly referred to as TUTTA, but that he had reached out to him and asked that he follows him to a safe distance where he could give him at least 300,000/- an amount he felt was ideal for the damage one of his toys had caused.

Sipapa speaks out

"The guy who says that I knocked him, I had actually tried to pave way for him in his Mercedes, because I saw them, it was a lady driving while the guy scrolled on his phone, I saw them clearly because my V8 is raised, so I could clearly see what was going on."

"I reversed a little to try and get out of the queue and that is how I scratched his Mercedes a little, so I got out of my vehicle to assess the situation, but also to tell him that we should go to another location that was crowd free so we can sort this out, yes, it is me who knocked him because I was right behind their car..."

"The damage on the tail light should not exceed 300K and I had the money right in my car, but paying him right there would leave me dishing out more money (which I had in the car by the way) but I preferred that we go to a less busy location."

In the video, Sipapa is seen talking from the back of his SUV with stacks of cash, when Sipapa wakes up on the good side of the bed, he will give out wads of cash that always leads to a gridlock in traffic.

SourceUganda Online


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