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Keko fans praying for her quick recovery

By Mico  12 January 2022 10:29 pm EAT

Jocelyn Tracy Keko going by her stage name KEKO appeared on Instagram Live in a sorry state.

Keko NOW and THEN

In the video that Keko shared on her Insta Live, you could hardly hear what she was saying...

In the clip, the 'Make You Dance' singer who is currently based in Canada could be seen drinking and smoking, but you could hardly hear what is it that she was saying.

As the video went viral, authorities in Canada were able to reach out to her.


Ugandans living in Canada have confirmed that Keko has been in and out of rehabilitation, but every time they take her there, it won't be long before she is out. She is seen on the streets of Canada doing her thing.

Keko is behind songs like; 'How We Do It,' Alwoo (Cry for Help), 'Let Me Go' and 'Let's Go Green' that she did with Angella Katatumba.

These were some of the comments that came through following the Keko Instagram live video:

"Keko will be fine. Running low on fuel, but she will get up. I really wish her the best through this.  It might not look it, but she is fighting, she still wants to be here," Kella McKenzie.

"The same God who healed Qute Kaye and Jackie Chandiru is the same God that will heal KEKO, " another wrote.

"We all grooved to her music back then, she represented Uganda to the international world, but now, she needs our help,it does not matter what kind of help it is - Prayer, Intercession, Counseling and it, she needs it. We love you Keko and you'll overcome this too."

Keko NOW and THEN
Keko during her Insta live video a few days back and her look in her heydays

"Keko started a live on insta, but said nothing, her looks and body language said everything. She needs help."

Keko signed to Sony

Keko is one of the few Ugandans who have been signed to Sony Music rubbing shoulders with artists like Usher and Alicia Keys. The hip-hop rapper who used to write and sing her own lyrics was hit with a blow when her contract was revoked months later due to poor sales for her album.

In 2011, Keko won the Channel O's Most Gifted East African Video.

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