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I have been with my Baby Daddy for 7 years-Juliana Kanyomozi

By Michael Nampala  11 August 2021 07:40pm EAT

Juliana has been interacting with her fans for the last few days and, of course, they had so many questions for her and top among them was Who her baby daddy was!!

What keeps you busy apart from motherhood?

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi responds to questions from fans who wanted to know her baby daddy, age ane when they sjhould expect new music...

MUSIC. Many have been wondering if I retired from music, but that word retiring does not occur to me because it is a talent and a platform to inspire, teach and entertain, so I can't just wake up and retire. The other thing about music is that the older you are in the game, the better you become.

I also do private business which I will not delve into right now, but for the most part, I am a mom.

Does baby Taj call you Mama?


Coincidentally, he called me mama for the first time yesterday and yet he calls Papa every other day, I was very happy when he called me Mama.

Why do you hide your baby's face?

I don't hide his face, I am a very private person and very particular to what I reveal publically. I did the same to Keron, I rarely brought him out and I do the same for Taj, I'm not hiding, I just choose to keep him private and that applies to his father, that is my private life and I kindly ask that you respect that.

He has been in my life for seven years and I kindly ask that you understand.

Are you considering having more children?

I leave it to God, and when he decides, it happens. I love being a mom and if another opportunity happens, I will be happy and will be glad to balance it with music which is my life.

How does one get their body back after child bearing?

I don't know, I personally did nothing to my body though I know of people who go to the gym. Bothy my pregnancies, I have not put on that much weight. Short of that , I do the treadmill and try to eat healthy.

How old are you?

I'm 40 years... I turned 40 last year.

Do you have plans of expanding the Keron Kabugo Foundation?

Absolutely, just that a lot has happened since then, but that will happen soon once I put my team together. Keron had a lot of passion for the children and doing a lot for the community, that dream will stay on.

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If a brand approached you and they want to make baby Taj as their brand ambassador, would you accept?

Yes, absolutely, why not! I would but it depends on the brand. What brand is it, what product is it? As long as they are good people, we will work together. I should know the brand and should trust it as well before I endorse it. If you my fans love it, I will certainly endorse it.

Why did you change from singing in English to Luganda?

No, I didn't switch, it just happens. Over time I believe I have done a couple of songs in English, Swahili, Luganda but as time went on, I discovered that Ugandans tend to appreciate more of Luganda. But that said, I didn't stop, I do all languages.

More regional collaborations?

Absolutely, I'm more open to more collaborations, but if the chemistry is not there, I mean if we do not connect in the studio, then, we will not certainly have a thing going.

Why don't you drop more music?

More music will come for sure, just give me time. But you also have to understand, I had a baby last year and it has been quite hectic, but kindly be patient with me and I know you have been, but trust me , it is going to be good music.

What inspired the song Right Here?

Its is just a love song, it is a feel good song and I just wanted to do it.

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