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Bebe Cool features wife, Zuena Kirema, in Make a Wish video

By Michael Nampala 11 May 2021 11:56 AM EAT

In the video, Bebe Cool starts off by telling Zuena on how he has seen a lot of girls around town, but only she can wear the crown. He goes on to say that he really appreciates her and will do anything to protect her now that everyone wants to have a piece of her.

Make a Wish by Bebe Cool

Make a Wish- Is Bebe Cool's new video featuring wife, Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool does not forget his favorite line of comparing her to milk which was also a title for one of her songs when she was trying a go at music back then.

"Make a Wish, I will do it for you," Bebe Cool adds in the video that was shot by Sasha Vybz.

Their fashion is predominantly African and at some point, Zuena is armed with a pot portraying a lady from the village except that this one is so styled up.


They also use our local boats and not the speed boats commonly referred to as 'Elyaato Elya Akabenje' in some lyrics.

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While releasing the video 4 days back, Bebe Cool had this to say; 

"Many years of loving a person and I still find my love growing, Still feel I can sacrifice much more for her because she has sacrificed a lot for me."

"If you make it a mission to love someone, you will find it easy to handle what many call problems but I see them as challenges."

"Very proud to be a love ICON and who else to show it than the person who deserves it, its either your Zuena or your Bebe Cool. Let them make a wish."

Bebe Cool's 'Make a Wish' video has 160,277 views and close to 2K comments in 4 days, but they all seem to agree that it is a masterpiece and the mere fact that it was shot from Uganda unlike most of his videos, it was a plus.

It is not the first time Bebe Cool is featuring his wife, Zuena, the mother of his five children (Alpha, Beata, Caysan, Deen and Eman) in his videos.

He did so in his Kasepiki video. He also released Agenze when they got issues in their marriage, but after 9 months, Zuena returned. 

Following the Make a Wish video, the fans are wishing the couple keeps together for many more years to come.

SourceUganda Online


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