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UG59 Independence online concert

By Mico  09 October 2021 09:50 pm EAT

Uganda turned 59 today with the main celebrations at Kololo Independence grounds making it the second virtual event during the Covid-19 times...

UG59 Concert

Recho Rey, Mr. Ezzy and Lydia Jazmine in action at the UG59 virtual concert at the Next Media Park in Naguru

Recho Rey's performance at the UG59 concert

Rachael Mirembe aka Recho Rey kicked off the independence UG59 concert that was taking place at the Next Media park in Naguru, doing her 'Guma Bakunyige' followed by her 'Cheating' song.


Recho Rey was all clad in orange, silver chain and danglers with curly short hair doing some of her songs that include 'Bwogana' that she did with Winnie Nwagi, 'Sseka' among others.

Recho Rey said that she's been going through a lot during these times details of which she could not delve on the show, but promised to do so at the right time.

Recho Rey was joined by Mr. Eezzy and together they did their Bitandike collaboration song that was originally done by Green Daddy and Rabadaba.

Recho Rey left the stage for Mr. Ezzy.

Ezzy's performance at the UG59 concert

Ezzy kicked off with one of his latest tracks before doing his Tumbizza blockbuster hit song. Clad in sneakers and torn denim jeans and a lime green Tee.

'Abeggume' another hit that he released in the second lockdown was his next performance. On Abeggume, Ezzy features DJ Ali Breezy.

Azawi's performance at the UG59 concert

The Swangz Avenue signed artist Priscilla Zawedde aka Azawi kicked off with 'Quinamino' followed by 'Lo Fit' backed up with a band.

Azawi was dressed in sneakers and denim NY outfits. "Today is a good day, I've just released my African Music album..." Azawi said before doing her "This is My Year' song.

'Slow Dancing,' another of her songs that have been well received was what Azawi performed next.

Lydia Jazmine, Azawi and Crysto Panda

You can tell that Crysto Panda is dancing to his Biluma Bayahe hot song

Crysto Panda's performance at the UG59 concert

Kyoyinamanya was the song Kityamuweesi Herbert aka Crysto Panda kicked off with. Performing in shorts and sneakers and a Ugandan flag wrapped around his head, Crysto told his fans to clear the living rooms as he did the jumping around.

'Bino Byebiluma Abayaye', 'Nkwepikila' and 'Monica' were the songs that Crysto Panda performed.


Lydia Jazmine's performance at the UG59 concert

Ebintu Byange was what Lydia Nabawanuka aka Lydia Jazmine started with followed by 'Omalawo' as she danced in her tight fitting pants that showed off her curves only to remove the orange wrapping before doing one for the lovers.

Lydia Jazmine wrapped up her show with 'Masuka' that was written by the late Mowzey Radio. It was a special song that she dedicated to her fans.

Lydia takes her fashion sense so seriously that Recho Rey and Azawi were a no match, but on the eve of her African Music album launch Azawi said that she is better off being known for her music and writing skills and not fashion.

It was time to switch away from the easy listening to grooving music and 'Feeling' that she did with Grenade is what LJ delivered, she did justice to the folk dance.

Lydia Jazmine was about to perform her collaboration song with YKee Benda dubbed 'Banange', she requested to give her fans a bonus track which happened to be 'Kapeesa'

The Banange performance by Ykee and Lydia Jazmine could easily make one think these two were dating, but LJ made it so clear before the performance that they were not an item.

Irene Ntale, Sheebah are the other artists yet to perform in the second segment of the concert that will start after later after the news bulletin on NBS TV.

Mr. Ezzy

Mr. Ezzy real name Eric Opoka during the UG59 concert

YKee Benda's performance at the UG59 concert

Clad in his navy blue suit, Nike sneakers,  Ykee Benda did Turn Up D' vibe, Superman while being backed up by the band.

He appealed for all to get vaccinated before doing 'My Baby' one of his other songs.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please get vaccinated, I want to perform to a real audience," Ykee added before doing 'Onabayo' another of his top songs.

'Ombagaina' climaxed his performance. He removed his jacket  

Nince Henry's performance at the UG59 concert

Nince Henry was the last artist to perform at the first version of the UG59 concert. He was all dressed in white kicking off his performance with 'Cinderella'

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