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Lovers Choppa and Zari Hassan on a Valentine's Day shopping spree

By Mico  09 February 2022 01:05 am EAT

A week after Zari went to Durban to check on Choppa, he has returned the love by coming to Pretoria to check on her...she showered him with love and at some point on her knees!!

Zari and new lover Choppa

New lovers Zari and her new lover, Choppa in Pretoria - Zari is seen serving him breakfast while on her knees...


  • Zari All Black Champagne Night at Cotton Lounge
  • Valentine's Day shopping
  • Choppa in the Gym as Zari scrolls on her smart phone
  • Zari served Choppa breakfast while on her knees...
  • Zari and Choppa not friends anymore, they are now lovers...
  • Choppa's romanting pet name is "Baby"


Valentine's Day has always been a black rose breakup anniversary for Zari and Diamond Platnumz and around this time, the two are either planning a wedding of sorts or introducing their significant other.

Zari has already unveiled Choppa GK to her fans while Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu are undecided on what is it they will be doing on Valentine's Day.


A week back, Zari travelled to Durban to meet her new friend then, GK Choppa and over the weekend, Choppa was in Pretoria where he travelled with his crew only to be served with a sumptuous meal prepared by Zari.

Choppa who was seen enjoying 'Ugali' and 'Matooke' plus greens and fish, all prepared by his 'Baby' (they both refer to each other as baby...) was so full saying he had taken long without tasting such food.

It was after they had come back from the All Black Champagne Night by Zari that was held at Cotton Lounge in Bryanston.

Choppa and Zari

It was time to hit the shopping malls as they drove off in Zari's posh rides that included a Merc, Bentley and some other all dressed in Valentine's day colors.

At the mall, the two were walking hand in hand as the private guards watched over them to ensure all was well, Zari was dressed in the red outfit that clearly showed off her new look after undergoing some hip and butt enhancements.

The new lovers soon hit the gym much as Zari was checking on her Insta army and what was trending, Choppa was busy working out.

Zari said that they were just friends, but a week could not elapse before Choppa was retaliating the love his new found love showed him days back, he also came visiting and this time around, there was nothing to hide as Zari was on her knees serving him breakfast, clearly confirming that the two are madly in love.


Zari will not just go down on her knees even for some of her previous lovers, she never did, but for Choppa, she has done so and this is partly because Choppa is a Ugandan who truly appreciates what it means for a lady to go down on her knees.

Zari will always have a romantic nickname for her lover. King Bay, Papa, and Black Stallion are some of them, but for Choppa, she is referring to him as BABY for now as they get to know each other better.

In one of the clips as seen from the vid below, Choppa asks her that whose baby are you? and she replies "Baby Wa Baby..."

Zari wants a lover that she can play with and Choppa seems to be the type, he brings out the energy in her and that is what you will see in the clip below...

SourceUganda Online


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