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Iryn Namubiru in bitter rift with mother, they've not talked for 8 years

By Mico  08 March 2022 03:38 pm EAT

Escalating tensions between Iryn Namubiru and mother

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru on why she has not been getting along with her biological mother for the last 8 years...

Iryn Namubiru has always had issues with her biological mother Justine Nyanzi Namawejje and the reason has been largely over a piece of land in Mityana.


The land in question is 8 acres that belonged to Godfrey Nyanzi, her grandfather who died in 1998, he verbally gave her an acre, but they have been in and out of court as to who should get what of that land.

In a latest rant from Iryn Namubiru, she spills quite more not forgetting that she had sometime back warned, that if anything ever happened to her life, her mom was the first suspect.

Iryn Namubiru's posts on her mother

Iryn Namubiru denied being behind the arrest of her mother and also confirmed that she was not behind bars

The rant that was triggered by talk that she had caused the arrest of her mother, something she vehemently denied in detail...

In her response, specifically to a journalist that demanded an interview with her, Iryn Namibiru set the following conditions and questions directly to her mother and not until they are answered that she will grant him an interview;

  •  If my mother can tell you what I did to her and her children
  • If she can tell you what I stole from her,
  • If she can tell you who the father of my children is, 
  • If she can list the people I have killed,
  • If she can tell you if I am a Muganda or Munyoro
  • If she is my mother.....It is then that I will give you an interview.
  • If it turns out that I have to apologize after that, I will.

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn Namubiru continues to say that the worst thing that has happened to her in the last 25 years is her mother.

"Most of the miserable, disgusting and false information about me on the internet starts with my very own mother who I have not been in touch with for at least 8 years due to her toxicity."

"I am tired of being threatened to be reported to social media, bloggers, gossip mongers, friends and anybody I associate with...nobody has disparaged me as much as my mother has in the last 25 years."

SourceUganda Online


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