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Chameleone adds a BMWX6 to his fleet as Weasel targets the Range Rover

By Mico  06 March 2022 01:36 am EAT

Star singer Jose Chameleone has added a black BMW-X6 to his fleet. This is coming less than six months after he was gifted with a black Range Rover Autobiography...

Chameleone shows off his BMW X6

Is Weasel eyeing the Range Rove after Chamelone added a BMW X6!!

Just like Rod Stewart puts it - 'Some guys have all the luck'- Chameleone was in a Land Cruiser V8 not forgetting his other old rides that include a black Escalade with 'Leone' customized plates, he now joins the BMW family.


He shared a clip on his IG while singing his 'Forever' song with the two rides (Rover and BMW) in the background as the excited fans looked on.

The singer, whose family is in the US, has secured his full name 'CHAMELEONE' as the number plate for his BMW X6 just like Diamond Platnumz did for his Blue Green BMW X6.

In one of the pics, Weasel is seen leaning on the new "baby" but stepping on the Chamili gifted Rover as though booking it already.

Chameleone's Black BMW
Just like the Range Rover, the BMW is also black...

We can easily see history repeating itself here. When Chameleone was given a Range Rover, he donated his Land Cruiser to Weasel. We are beginning to see a similar pattern especially when Weasel steps on the Range Rover the way he does, it's as though he is the new owner already.

Chameleone is simply saying that the year 2021 was not that bad, but 2022 seems to even be a better year going by the caption.

Interestingly, more of these rides should be coming in now that ''Tuli Wawelu" with artists having to perform to large crowds which was not the case in the last two years due to Covid-19.


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