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Bebe Cool's 44th birthday celebrations at Murchison Falls

By Mico  04 September 2021 10:26pm EAT

Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool turned 44 years on September 1, 2021. The father of six travelled to North Western Uganda with his wife, Zuena Kirema to celebrate his special day.

Bebe Cool and Zuena

Bebe Cool's 44th birthday celebrations at Chobe Safaris in Murchison Falls National Park

"Let's say something nice to this handsome/cool/giving/sexy/real/hardworking/sweet/wise/brilliant/focused dude on this +1 year day."

Those were the words that Zuena's husband, Bebe Cool used to kick off his celebrations.

Day 2  - Chobe Safaris Lodge at Murchsion Falls is where Bebe Cool and Zuena are spending their quality time when not on a game drive.


Day 3  - Murchison Falls Park Birthday Treat it is and Bebe Cool's prayer is that government makes plans to avail affordable accomodation for Ugandans if it is to hit the tourism target.

Day 4 - On day four, Bebe Cool spent time with Zuena especially when he was reminded of the time when she was down with C-19.

"Life is meaningful if you enjoy it when you still can. Covid-19 has taught me a lesson, be happy with your family and friends."

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