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Eddy Kenzo, Pia Pounds out Tupate remix featuring MC Africa

By Mico  04 September 2021 12:06am EAT

'Tupaate' is one of Pia Pounds' best songs no doubt. Released 11 months back, the official video has 426Kviews on YouTube.

Eddy Kenzo on the Tupaate remix

TUPAATE: Pia Pounds features Eddy Kenzo and MC Africa on her Tupaate hit song

But the Pia Pounds song has had another touch fuelled by MC Africa, a fan who hails from Mbale. His TikTok video dancing to the Tupaate song went viral and yet he didn't even know the artist behind it.

Pia Pounds' management, African Bureau of Music (ABM) later went on a search spree looking for MC Africa, better known as 'Twende Tupaate', he was found in Mbale and the next thing was him meeting his favorite artist.


MC Africa met Pia Pounds a month back, which also happened to be his first time to be in Kampala in the last 10 years, he was so excited about the development.

The MC Africa-Pia Pounds meet has culminated in them doing the Tupaate remix featuring BET award winner Eddie Kenzo and of course MC Africa.

In the 3-minute-video that was shot by Sasha Vybes and produced by Kuseim, it starts off with MC-Africa's clip that went viral when he was recorded while dancing to the Tupaate song.

Pia Pounds follows with a bevy of dancers and as the first 'Twende Tupate' chorus is winding up, MC Africa in his blue suit and neck tie on a white shirt hijacks the scene with his; "It's a Weekend Vibe" as he ushered in Eddy Kenzo.

MC Africa and Pia Pounds

MC Africa and Pia Pounds...

The song literally starts again with the Eddy Kenzo's touch bringing his fans into the mix, this is a well executed concept that has given the song a new feel, different from the original version.

In just 11 hours, the video has close to 70K views and 1,000 comments of fans who all agree that the song is a masterpiece.

These were some of the comments;

"Forget the original, the remix deserves an award..."

''This is the real meaning of the word "'s a nice one..Twende's a Friday."

MC Africa returned at the end with his signature words, "It's a weekend, People Rotate..."

The video was released on Friday (September 3, 2021) just like MC Africa roars; "It's A Friday."

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