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Eric Omondi shows off Title Deed for his newly acquired mansion

By Mico  02 October 2021 03:37 pm EAT

Kenyan comedian Eric Othieno Omondi has been under fire from the time he showed off his newly acquired mansion to the fans.

Eric Omondi shows off his new mansion

Eric Omondi says it is backward and uncouth for those insinuating that he does not own the Karen based mansion

While sharing the residence, many were quick to congratulate him on the milestone, this was the caption he used.

"This is what 14 years of consistency, persistence and hard work looks like. Welcome to the official residence of the PRESIDENT of COMEDY AFRICA (POCA)."

However, not all were of the view that the crib Eric was showing off was out of his sweat. 



"This is a Bed and Breakfast," some seemed to say while others were linking it to the money he is getting from Jimi Richard Wanjingi one of the aspirants in the forthcoming Kenyan presidential elections.

The house is valued close to UGX 5 Billion. A few days back, the Kenyan comedian was gifted with a Chrysler Crossfire by Jimi Wanjigi, a ride that he is using to rally support for the presidential hopeful.

To prove to his haters that the mansion belongs to him, the very annoyed Eric pulled out all his papers to back up his bid that include a title deed and his late father's death certificate among others, just to prove a point.

Eric Omondi's crib in Karen

"And for selfish reasons, some people are sending me threats saying this is not my house. I have worked for 14 years, who does not know Eric Omondi? I have been at this since 2008, this crib is nothing bwana...In the US, one owns five of these, but in Africa, this is being equated to a BNB..."

He then went on to pull out several documents including a land title dated September 2021, a period which his haters are linking all the strides made in the recent past to the loaded Kenyan businessman, Jimi Wanjigi.

"It is high time Kenyans know that football pays, comedy pays, music pays and we need to start telling people that hard work pays. God has blessed us with talents and gifts and we have used them and it is uncouth, backward for one to think that owning such a house is something so big that one cannot believe."

He concludes.

"Why shouldn't Eric Omondi own ten houses? He is the top comedian in Africa, which is a continent? Nonsense."

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