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Zari Hassan on why the Caribbean theme pool party flopped

By Mico  01 March 2022 01:05 pm EAT

Mama 5 is back to her hustle down in SA following a weekend in Kampala that saw her peeping from her hotel room for several hours just to see if the guests had turned up.

Zari's flopped pool party

Some of the guests that turned up for the Caribbean Pool Party...

Unfortunately, a few minutes to midnight, the venue was filled with empty chairs as Zari and the organizers patiently waited for the guests.  


"I did not come out of my room," as she confirmed.

"The event did not take place because the hotel did not do much in promoting it, and for that reason, I could not come out of my hotel room."

"When they heard that I was coming to Uganda, they decided to organize a pool party, but since people did not turn up, that was it, short of that, I enjoyed my short visit in Kampala."

Zari's pool party was happening on the same day with the Roast and Rhyme event at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo, it was well attended.

Zari and the NBS TV crew

Zari on arrival at the airport and at the hotel with MC Kats

Zari has since pulled down the Caribbean Pool Party poster from her wall.

Some of the patrons who turned up were seen enjoying their drinks as the music had been switched off at the time.

"We had come to see Zari, but most importantly have fun, but it is a loss...It happens everywhere, it is not new.

The DJ who had been paid part of the money was not looking forward to the balance due to the poor turn up.

It was not Zari's party, she was actually paid to be part of it.

SourceUganda Online


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