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Uchumi Supermarket, Uganda

Uchumi Supermarket which is now open 24 hours effective 01.Dec.2009 is located on Yusuf Lule on the prestigious Garden City Kampala. It kicked off  business in 2002.

Shopping - Uchumi supermarket has literally everything. As you walk in, there is a customer center desk on the left and on the right are magazines, newspapers & books from East Africa, European news papers which are normally weekly. In this departmental store you will find toys, electronics, perishables, gift items, alcoholic drinks, Do it your self Equipment (DIY) plus furniture.

Closing Time -The good news for late shoppers is: It is open 24 hours but you will not find items like meat because after 9:00pm the meat will have disappeared to the coolers but at least these guys appreciate the fact that you must concentrate on your very important issues and then wrap up the day with shopping. Originally it used to close at 8:30pm, crossed to 10:00pm but that is not the case anymore because it is open all through. Other Supermarkets that close late are Good Price Supermarket in Ntinda which closes at 11:00pm.

Transport - Assuming you got there by a boda-boda which is a 2 wheeler and you happen to find some nice goodies you may want to take with you and are so bulky in the process, there are some waiting cabs on stand by where you can pay by meter. There seems not to be any taxis plying that route and that is why special hire taxis have found it a nice spot to hang around.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola - Gondola is a shelf like this one which Uchumi has used to its fullest and suppliers who are quick have come in very squarely in using it to their advantage. It is one way of promoting your brand in an environment where it can be appreciated and bought. If you have been to Uchumi lately you will notice that products are packed according to gondola shelving in some instances. To a customer it looks neat and orderly but to Uchumi this is another stream of earning. Assuming I'm Colgate and I have acquired a Gondola then it's highly likely that Close up will be next to me or better still Close up will be forced to acquire a Gondola next to me. This is a win win for all parties though depending on the demand for gondolas some products might be phased off the shelves simply because they have not acquired a gondola. Interested in a Gondola at Uchumi for your products; you might as well walk there and have a chat with them I'm sure they would love to hear from you. Look at a Gondola as having a mini branch of your company at Uchumi. Companies have spiced it up by placing an agent to persuade customers to branch and buy. It works but also an additional cost on the gondola monthly fee.

Customer Desk - They have a desk to take care of defaults or to ensure that items bought especially electronics are tested for you to take a quality item

Bakery - Oven fresh confectionery can be found at Uchumi. You can also have that cake customized for your event just in minutes.

Pharmacy - In case of any accident and you are in need of some emergency drugs, there is a pharmacy to take care of your needs.

Dry Cleaner - If you are in the vicinity of the supermarket or share the same location, you might find the laundry services within the supermarket a hassle free way in dealing with your clothes.

Miscellaneous  - Diamond rings, Fresh Juice, phone accessories among others can all be found at this store.


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