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Monday, 10 December 2007

He warned his most senior loyalists that he would not hesitate embarrassing them if caught in dubious corrupt activities.

  • Good News- 5 are free from Ebola & 42 others to be confirmed today
  • Man of God survives lynching for Adultery
  • Bunyoro virgins to be rewarded
  • Buganda cabinet rejects 2nd land bill
  • Rakai Couples asked to separate Beds over Ebola
  • Former KIU Student mounts cow
    B.Ogaino is said to have been caught red handed mounting a cow belonging to a resident. Ogaino was covered with cow dung on his chest on being searched after the owner made an alarm.
  • Capital FM fires BLU*3's Lillian
  • Read about Hyena with an Indian Babe.
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Friday, 07 December 2007

Opposition Boss says Besigye is Idle

  • Ebola spreading like Wild fire as Congo closes Border, Two cases reported in Kampala & Kanungu, Schools in affected areas ordered to close.
  • How NRM could loose Bugweri - Unless something is done NRM's Kirunda Kivenjinja risks losing or winning by a small margin the December 13 Bugweri bye elections.
  • SNUBBED ! - Awori out of Samia North NRM Primary Elections
  • Sasha Kiwewesi is Pregnant - Former city babe turned preacher's wife, Barbara Sasha is 4 months pregnant.
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Thursday, 06 December 2007

LRA Peace Team fears to meet Kony, all the 14 wives have been chased.
Museveni & Kabila disagree on on how to kick out Kony.

The Leader of the blood thirsty rebel force, The Lords Resistance Army, is reported to have run mad last month. This is after Kony ate the intimate parts of his Deputy Vincent Otti. Otti was killed with other 4 commanders and over 40 guards.

  • Jomayi hires plane to drop leaflets
  • Ebola Attack Residents flee as Ebola strikes Kasese
  • Jose Chameleon;s sibling joins singing
  • Kasulu imports three Posh cars
  • Zawedde hooks her manager
  • Medi Nsereko set to quit CBS
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Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Grading Shimoni Land for CHOGM Exhibition cost Ugx 6 Billion
ISO Staff fight over CHOGM money

  • EBOLA -Government slaps Quarantine on Mbarara & Fort Portal & Kabarole Municipalities.
    Avoid Sex, Avoid Gatherings, Minister Otaala warns public.
  • Eboola spreading to HOIMA, Kibaale
  • Red Cross dispatches team to Bundibugyo over Ebola.
  • Crane Bank Clients to shop with Visa
  • Mugabe slams Britain after getting EU Invite
  • Chris Ireland for Australia & farewell party today @ Club Obligato.
  • Orlando buys $ 25,000 Studio Equipment
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Tuesday, 04 December 2007

Leader of opposition failing to do his job because of Marital problems.
The Power struggle in the opposition FDC has turned nastier with leaders trading in scandals & exposing dirty linen in public.

  • Mysterious-Ebola outbreak was kept secret due to CHOGM
  • Shame- Malinga's voters lack Condoms
  • Cholera Scare-4 Killed & over 30 hospitalized.
  • DJ Erycom hooks US Nkuba Kyeyo
  • Teddy Row Teacher Freed from Jail
  • Celebrities who could not See 2008 Remembered
    Bangi, Omony Ojok, Kifefe, Noble Mayombo, Lucky Dube, Paul Kafeero, Okulo Epak, Wesonga.
  • Bangi Memorial Trust Fund set for Friday.


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Monday, 03 December 2007

Four days to the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth ll at Entebbe Airport, a man suspected to have links with the infamous worldwide terrorist  network Al-Qaeda was arrested in the vicinity of the airport.

  • SPCs go on Sex Rampage after CHOGM Cash is paid
  • Forgive me, Besigye Begs Kifefe's family
  • Vincent Otti could be alive, says Capt. Barigye


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Sunday, 02 December 2007

A visiting commonwealth leader survived by a whisker when he refused to take poisoned mineral water at a Ugandan Hotel. President Anote Tong of Kiribati was served with a bottle of Mineral water a few hours before the closure of the summit. The President reached out for the bottle and to his surprise it had been tampered with, he called one of the aides to establish the circumstances . The bottle was withdrawn and taken for examination and their findings had it that the bottle contained a poisonous substance. President Museveni was alerted and he immediately dispatched a team to make a thorough audit of the security teams at all the CHOGM hotels.

  • Security blocks Lakwena Revival
  • 300 LRA Rebels desert Kony
  • Kakooza Mutale back into Campaigns
  • Sematimba to buy PLANE
  • Maureen injects Ugx 16Million in her Designing.
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Saturday, 01 December 2007

Now this was a real shocker. A daring Guard to President Museveni did the unthinkable.
As the Queen was busy opening CHOGM one of the PGB officers was struck by the beauty of the Queen's aide. He shifted roles from guarding the Queen to plotting to bed her Majesty's trusted aide. The officer winked at the Queen's aide who ignored the advances and dashed to her room. The PGB Officer did not stop at that but went an extra mile and called her room number, ordering her to his room for tea. She was certainly not amused and had to communicate the matter to a third party. The Chief of Defence Forces has ordered the arrest of this officer.

  • How Kifefe could have been poisoned - Kifefe's body for Rukungiri today and Burial on Sunday
  • UBC Bosses in trouble over CHOGM's Shs 100 Million
  • Ebola scare escalates
  • Prince Charles sets up Supermarket for Street Kids


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Friday, 30 November 2007

Poison feared in Besigye Brother's Death
Family members suspect Kifeefe could have been poisoned in Luzira
Besigye now blames Government for his own changing skin colour

  • 70% of Gov't cars vandalised during CHOGM
  • Mega Dee's gal drops tot.
  • Ebola strikes Uganda again.
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Thursday, 29 November 2007

PGB Paymaster nabbed with Ugx 50 Million CHOGM Cash
4000 SPCs litter Namboole with "Pupu"
ISO Officials spend nights forging figures to account for money
CHOGM Bosses beg Hotel Bosses to inflate vouchers

  • Besigye get his passport
  • LRA Team locked in hotel over bills

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