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Thursday, 29 September 2011
Ronnie kisses Sheebah to get at Sharon
 Word going around has it that Ronnie Mulindwa of Obsessions, boyfriend to the newly turned top celebrity Sharon Nalukenge has been secretly scared and has always been anxious  following her news acquired celebrity status.

It seems after Ronnie failed to control, he decided to rejuvenate his affair with Sheeba Karungi which had died out. Sheeba was forcefully knifed from Obsessions Group on orders of Sharon after she discovered that Ronnie was having secret flings with her.

Ronnie has now started going out in public un accompanied. Last Tuesday at Buddies, he was seen kissing Sheebah without caring who was watching him. The couple has appeared at Buddies together on two different nights the first being recently when they attended Towel Attire Night.

Both were more than happy to have the spotlight on them as they watched the event of the night unfold.
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Thursday, 07 July 2011

Ronnie Mulindwa

Ronnie Mulindwa is beginning to show signs of missing Benghazi as he outs a date at Jacaranda bar. After two months that his live in girlfriend Sharon Nalukenge has spent in the Big Brother Amplified house no one can blame him.

Last week on Wednesday evening, clad in a white sweat shirt, Ronnie walked into the bar with a sexy babe wearing a white mini dress and sat at the pool area where they enjoyed a meal of fried fish and fries.

He didn't look like he missed Sharon at all as they chatted away enjoying the meal and washing it down with Coca Cola. After that meal they left. Sharon had better come home!

Sharon O

Sharon Obsessions is Up for Eviction - Uganda's representative in the Big Brother Amplified house needs you support. She will be facing it off this Sunday with Weza, Alex, Miss Peo and bad gal Karen from Nigeria.

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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Natasha and Michael

Star couple and former Obsessions group members saucy Natasha Sinayobye and long-term boyfriend Michael Kasaija are said to be at loggerheads yet again. We are told Natasha is unhappy with Kasaija's closeness with a certain zungu babe.

Apparently, Kasaija claims that he and the zungu are working on a dance project and there is nothing going on. A source told us, "She flew into a a fit of rage when she learnt of Michael's closeness with this babe. She has since told him that she doesn't like it one bit"

This is not the first time the couple who who already have a kid are expecting another one soon have been courted in a splitville rumour. Sometime back we revealed how saucy Natasha was so annoyed because of Michael's constant flirting with hot Ebonies babes while rehearsing with them at Theatre Labonita.

Surely Natasha is a lucky fella having a babe most city lads would love to 'Tomahawk', so he can contuinue messing i up.

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Thursday, 03 March 2011

Jackie Tusiime
Word reaching our desk indicates Obsessions' singer jackie Tusiime could be pregnant. And interestingly she is not very sure who the fella responsible for her pregnancy is.

Lately Jackie has gained massive weight. When we contacted one of her pals, she reluctantly told us: "Hmmmm, Iam Jackie's very good pal but I do not have any right whatsoever to reveal anything in her private life but she is certainly pregnant."

Another pal added: "She is iver the moon, she can't wait to have her first baby even it means being a single mother. This pregnancy is the best thing that has ever happened to her."

Though it is claimed she is not sure who the man responsible for her pregnancy is, the rumour doing rounds is that Obsessions' Remy Lubega could be responsible for the pregnancy.

Lately most female musicians have become mothers. Blu3 duo Edith Baganda and Lillian Mbabazi are fresh moms, Miss Confidence is around six months late and DJ Farshee is a fresh mom among others.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010
Heartaches happen to everyone. Whether we are celebrities or regularly broke, famous or not, we still encounter cheaters, insecure psychos and sexy lovers that we can't stand. The only difference is that celebrity relationships usually unfold for the world to see.

The break ups are delicious slices of gossip that we can't ignore. Just peep at this list of celebrities that were de-famed by friends as result of fame.

Juliana and Iryn
-The former singing  due of I-Jay can only exchange greetings. The two tried to be on top of each other after their celebrity status rose but it only led to a bitter split. Their efforts to reconcile have been fruitless.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine - Theirs is getting unbearable. The former buddies are on a 'weight' war of who is bigger than the other. Their silly accusations range from my wife is hotter than yours, 'my music is better than yours' such kind of nonsense.

They have even gone on to exchanging blows all in the name of fame. We don't see any reconciliation in the near future but we hope it will one day come.

Seanice and Melanie - The two senior radio presenters have been at war ever since they came into the limelight, fighting the 'I' better than you battle. When Seanice left for Nairobi. Melanie got some relief but since her return, the feud has intensified, especially after she replaced Melanie on the morning breakfast show.

Chameleone and Goodlyfe - Self proclaimed singing doctor, Jose Chameleone, was the president of Weasel  and Radio when they were still members of the Leone Island Crew. But they are now sworn enemies yet Chamili and Weasel are blood brothers.

When Goodlyfe saw their fame rising each passing day, they saw no reason of being under big brother. They formed their own group and since then , fighting abusive songs have been their order of the day.

Obsession and HB Toxic - They were in the same group but as intrigue and accusations grew with their fame, Brenda and Helen quit the group and formed the HB Toxic. What former workmates and friends can only afford to say now is a simple 'Hi' and nothing else.
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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Rumours doing the rounds indicate new dance-hall import from Kenya Fidempa is dating Obsessions singer Jackie Tusiime. One person tells us the pair have been an item for close on two weeks.

This will come as a blow to WBS Creative Editor Patrick Onen who has been dating the singer. The pair have in the past week been moving together. Latest sighting was in Club Rouge where they were actually coying up.

"They were having a great time, " our snoop noted. This is not the first time Fidempa has been spotted on the prowl. He has also been linked to Naila Salim, a glamour gal and singers Cindy and Sheeba.

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Wednesday, 06 October 2010
         Jackie Tusiime
If your name is Jackie, then WBS' Creative Director Patrick Onen has a thing for you. Believe that once he finds out he will pour you with love that you will be tempted to open up. First it was Capital FM Morning show co-host Jackie Lumbasi that Onen got smitten with.

They would spend kinky nights together. Actually, the pair hooked up when they were still workmates at WBS Tv. However, the relationship never worked out though the pair still talk so much.

Then came in Jackie of the Obsessions singing group. The pair are so smitten that any time soon, we might hear of wedding bells. We bumped into the pair at Katomi Kingdom Resort on Saturday. 

The pair could kiss and hold tightly not caring about onlookers. At one time, we all looked aside as we thought Onen was about to pull out his raging cobra and attack Jackie's bulging yoyo.

The pair were so into each other that few would be surprised if they walked down the aisle now. However, Onen has an obsession for the Club Silk Kenyan pole dancers.
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Friday, 06 August 2010

Jackie, Sheebah who left the group and Sharon
It's definitely not good news for their fans but it's sadly the truth. We have sensationally learnt that Obsessions dancing and singing group is finally set to announce that they are closing shop.

We are yet to know the reasons behind the closure of the group that at one point was the most sought after entertainment group at all big functions around town. A close source to the few remaining members like Ronnie Mulindwa, Sharon and Jackie told us,

"The group has no business since most of the core members departed. So the only way it is to finally forget about it. It can't stand without having business because two babes(married) can't pull the crowds alone."

Remember most of the hot babes that comprised the group like Sheebah Karungi, Cleopatra, Natasha Sinayobya and Fatuma Gulam all departed amidst controversy and irreconcilable differences while strong guys like Michael Kasaija also left.

In fact most of the babes went out amidst allegations of sexual abuse from the top managers. Now we are told the current three-member Obsessions Group can't hold out any more thus deciding to close the curtains on the project.

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Thursday, 01 July 2010

Star couple and former Obsessions group members saucy Natasha Sinayobye and long-term boy friend Michael Kasaija are said to be at loggerheads. The unconfirmed rumour reaching us reveals that trouble stems from Michael's closeness to some of the hot babes who he usually rehearses with at Theatre Labonita.

A source told us,"She flew into a fit of rage when she learnt of Michael's flirting with these babes." One of the babes has been identified as Anne. We hear she sternly told the babes to back off her man.

Surely, Kasaija is a lucky fella with a babe many guys in town would love to have, so he can't be messing it up.

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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sheeba Karungi
There's a saying that 'water never forgets its channels' meaning that water always traces its channels even if it has passed there in a long time. Ever since she departed from Obsessions Dancing Group citing sexual harassment, the sexy Sheeba decided the only way was to go back to her old bonkmate, Ibrahim.

We hear the two were madly in love before Sheebah made it big in the Obsessions but dumped him to the dogs. When the going got tough, Sheeba decided the only help and solace could be got from her ex. A close pal adds: "After being knifed from Obsessions, her ex boyfriend took her back and they are currently staying together"

We hear the guy owns a photoshop on Gazzaland Shopping Arcade and that the two are staying together in a two roomed house in a certain slum called Lukadde in Kawempe division.

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Monday, 29 March 2010
Sheeba Karungi
Sheebah who quit Obsessions over a sex controversy has launched her solo career. On Saturday at Club Rouge during the Pursuit of Happiness Show, she released her first dance hall single treating her revellers to raunchy dance hall moves.
Sheebah could as well be compared to Mya of Blu3 as they both played similar roles of being back up singers more or less. She had least appearances in the songs and this could be one of the main reasons she chose to go solo.
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Thursday, 24 December 2009

The now ever fading Obsessions dance group might be no more soon. Our inside snoop has told us that Ronnie Mulindwa recently had a meeting with them, in Kabuusu. We hear he told them that he wanted them to retire from dance and graduate into film and stage play performances.

The reason he gave is that the dance group business is no longer profitable. Oh la la la! Most Ugandan music groups break up sooner than they started, We won't be surprised.

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Friday, 08 May 2009

Kombat dancers proprietors Natasha and Michael recently went for a scan and discovered they're expecting twins later this year. The scan which was done at Kampala Kadic hospital revealed that the fruits of the duo's long time actions are yet to pay off.

Now the reason they formed Kombat dancers is clear; they wanted to combat all those who didn't want them to be together as man and wife while they worked.

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Sunday, 19 April 2009

The rate at which girl groups are coming up and splitting is alarming. The latest on the music scene is Black Candy a combination of former kombat dancers i.e. Natasha Sinayobye aka Tash and Prossie Bulyaba aka Pie B

Sunday Pepper caught up with them and asked why the name Black Candy? ''Tash said the name is unique and it represents us as black women who are hot and proud to be black. The candy represents the sweet feminine side.'' The group is managed by Michael Kasaija, who happens to be Natasha's boyfriend.

Black Candy promises sexy costumes and hot dance moves as part of the package that lies ahead. ''Oooh Boy'' is one of the debut song under the Black Candy girl group which was produced by Allan of Dream Studios.

By the end of the year Black Candy(Tash and Pie B) will be releasing their first album. Natasha is a former member of Obsessions, Helen and Brenda (HB Toxic) broke away from the Obsessions group and if you know Mya who replaced Cindy in the Blu 3 girl group was also from the Kombat dance group. Just recently the Dream Galz have also part ways to pursue solo careers.

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Tuesday, 02 December 2008

Obsessions recently at Lugogo Cricket Oval
Obsessions Dance and Singing group could be set for total collapsed after it has emerged they are indebted to Protea Hotel and they have failed top pay. The singing girls brought in American based Jamaican star Collie Budz for their Begoonza album launch in April. The show badly flopped with only sixty five people attending with and almost half of them were journalists, we can reveal. The 'Tomorrow is another day singer' was booked in the Acacia based hotel on CREDIT by Obsessions and have since failed to clear their outstanding bill. A hotel insider says:''They (Obsessions) were supposed to clear their bill immediately after the concert but with the low turn up, we gave them more time to sort themselves out. But now looks like they will never sort themselves out. Court action will certainly be taken." We hear the girls are so broke that some of them want to run away fro the group."Ronnie is extremely worried, Sharon is preggie and he doesn't know where he will get the money for maternity. Life suddenly seems to have come to a halt. He wishes he hadn't planted the seed in her womb," a very close pal tells us. So sad!

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