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Nigeria Movies - Actress
Genevieve Nnaji Nigeria's Super Star Model.Other sources term her as a Nigerian Sharon Stone.She has stared in over 30 movies.
Genevieve Nnaji, Nigerian Movie Actress
Gene as she is fondly called by her numerous fans across the globe has proven to be  one  of the most versatile young actress in Africa today.
  • Name: Semalulu Elly
    Your Reaction: keep the spirit of acting well.Am a Ugandan

  • Name: abanjohnrobert -Sudan
    Your Reaction:
    Babe maintain with the lead. Nothing to judge bad about you for I have seen what you are doing.

  • Name: Jackie-Ugandan
    Your Reaction: She is the best and most beautful girl in Nigeria. God bless her hear, your so sweet.

  • Name: Jjackie Baguma
    Your Reaction: just-love-nigeria.move-she-is-my-best-actress.

  • Claris (Ug)
    Your Reaction: U babe, those eyes are realy sexy.

  • rposon
    Comments: She is so smart and cute, please keep up with your talent

  • Francess
    Country Nigeria
    Comments: l luv u girl no matter wat they may say against u by people of the world do not mind them.keep the flag flying u're the best.-------------

  • Kadie
    Country Australia
    Comments: I think she had a pretty face

    Country CANADA
    Comments: ur so pretty and I think u r a very good actress who can play any part in any movie. so keep up the good work

  • Raymond
    Country Australia
    Comments: hello Genevieve its me Raymond saying Hi Raymondleigh @yahoo.com.au

  • Nanyonga Sylvia
    Country Uganda
    Comments: I love u Najji! u're my best young female actress in the world; long live dear .Always send me greetings as i've done.

  • Terry
    Country Cameroon
    Comments: I love her

  • Elizabeth
    Country UK
    Comments: she is the best girl in the world go Najji love you so much take care because everyone is looking at you now

  • Fatima
    Country Africa/Conacry
    You are a good actress

  • Carol
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Hi Genny, yo smart en cute.am a Ugandan gal of 16yrs.please write to me on ladyralynne @yahoo.co.uk

  • Syl
    Country nigeria
    Comments: the approval or disaproval of people my not be enough to tell what you are . but for the few of us that are truthful and know that God really adore you with natural beauty still appreciate you. don't wait for our approval or dis approval keep on keeping on.... you are already beautiful,keep on appreciating and recognising that fact.

  • Reagan
    Country Cameroon
    Comments: hello,for quite a long time you have not been acting why?

  • Huseyn
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Gene, am not mad like every breathing male on earth but a just wanted to say yo the GAL, am speechless but u could help me send me your mail adress if its fine with u, my goodness, those eyes r just...happy 2007. God bless u gal. unikerror @yahoo.com

  • Jossy
    Country UGANDA
    Comments: Thanks to God who created. happy new year Najji 2007

  • Kehinde
    Country Chicago
    Comments: hey genie just stopping by to say I love your movie and that you are a very good role model keep on rocking babe.

  • Linda
    Country USA
    Comments: Hi darling thanks for the good work you show in your acting process keep it up.lots of love dear!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Awori
    Country Uganda
    Comments: Gene is a great actress and ugandans love her dearly

  • Gladys
    Country Nigeria
    Comments: good job,but we miss ya

  • Natasha
    Country Netherlands
    Comments: Really want to visit your site. Address?

  • Taina
    Country United kingdom
    Comments: Genevieve Nnaji is a very lovely person with a good sense of humour.I love her style and her sense of maturity but not withstanding,she has to learn to calm down and also learn to rest.I basically don't have much to say but,if she gets this,I want her to know she is DA BOOM AND ALSO D SHIZZLE;SEE YA.

  • Sophy
    Country Uganda
    Comments: i have nothing to say just chaooo to gene the golden gal in africa,i love u lots

  • Sandy
    Country Ghana
    Comments: Gene pleeeeeeeeeeeeease stop singing n act

  • Mukisa Jose Jackson
    Country Uganda
    Comments: You are such an intelligent and special actress,keep motivated and God Bless you.

  • Mbabazi Deborah
    Comments:Gene to tell you this,I luv you so much and you are very beautiful on top of that.You are my favorite actress.Cheers Lady !

  • Desmond
    Country Nigeria
    Comments: After my girl,you are the next person to my heart

  • Kasozi.M.
    Country Uganda
    Comments: A cute and tantalizing lady but always acting ably in positions contrary to her status and looks. Wish her success in all her endeavors,for, she has contributed alot to the promotion of Africa's movies' industry. Bravo!! Gene.

  • Abakunda Levis
    Country Uganda
    Comments: She is really dramatic,looks kind,nice,and knows what she does.I like her performance.

  • Sherry
    Country London
    Comments: you are one of the best actress in the world.please keep it up

  • Julie Basajja
    Country Uganda
    Comments: She is good!!!

  • Saf
    Country USA
    Comments: Wow its been really long not watchin u but u just hot and cool

  • Makoya
    Country USA
    Comments: she is really pretty

  • Mbalire Andrew
    Country Uganda
    Comments: hi p'se could you vist us in Uganda because l personly want to see u face to face. we love u 

  • Loveth Okoro
    Country France
    Comments: my best and favorite Nigeria 's actress,keep it up girl.

  • Rejoice Ketos
    Country Nigeria
    Comments: U're so beautiful,very unique & the most talented !

  • Rosa
    Country Barbados
    Comments: Hi Genevieve.
    Keep up the good work baby, and may Gog richly bless you,I love your acting.

  • Oluwadamilare Adebimpe
    Country Nigeria
    Comments: you are so beautiful when i saw you, you make me remenber my school mother when i was in Nigeria.

  • Caroline Bassey
    Country Nigeria
    Comments: hello I love to see you acting and i will like to act, pls i don't know how u can help me and i don't know how to get u on phone, i don't know how u will feel if i ask u to call me, but all the i know u can still help me if God ask u to do so, my mail is basseycaroline @yahoo.com, baby girl that is my nick name.

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  • She is a very beautiful and composed actor. I lve her so much.she is the best, intelligent and a very respectable lady.
  • Gene is very smart, so creative, beautiful and talented. I like her so much!!!!
  • She is real good


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