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Newspapers in Uganda
Uganda Newspapers

The news papers in Uganda are just a handful. However those that have collapsed out number those that have stayed on board.

The major dailies in Uganda are New Vision and Monitor which tackle national news sports, entertainment and the likes.
The new vision has affiliations with government and the Monitor is purely private. That aspect has created some form of choice amongst readers.
The Red Pepper is unique in its way because it is actually a tabloid which generally focuses on gossip and what’s cooking in the “Celeb World”. Other papers have been forced to borrow a leaf from Red Pepper and some have actually published terrible articles which by all standards are worse off than the Red Pepper in the guise of emulating the Tabloid.
Bukedde is a sister paper to the New Vision published in vernacular (Luganda) and it has its committed readers who have been loyal to it that at one time they stopped publishing the popular Magazine, Ssenga (Bed Matters) and the sales were abnormally low. Other vernacular papers include ETOP, Orumuri, Entatsi and Rupinyi.
On the other hand The Weekly Observer comes out every Thursday and they pride themselves in the detailed analysis approach. Chances are they talk about something that has already been hinted on by other papers but they will go an extra mile in trying to report the already reported to make it worth reading.
The East African
The East African as the word goes covers the five countries i.e. Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi and Kenya. The East African focuses more on business
The Indepedent
Magazines like the Independent have joined the Wagon to try and provide news to those thirsty for news.
Specialized Papers
Some news papers have taken on the specialized approach and will publish under their areas of specialty like Religion, Education and Farming.
Collapsed Papers
Uganda News papers that once served our dusty streets and have since disappeared for various reasons include: Weekly Topic, The Confidential, Black Mamba, The Spy, The Mirror, The Sun etc.
Good Business
The News paper Industry is a good one per say especially on the aspect of advertising. One page split into four adverts would go for 1,036,000/- per advert. That page in question would generate 4,144,000/- .Let us now replicate the other pages that have been occupied by ads at the same rate per quarter page is exactly how much a news paper would generate in terms of income per day. A news paper is valid for 8 hours and before you realize another day has come and that means more content.
Article Split
Due to the rate at which one has to provide information, an article could easily be split into four different articles but from the same event. A case in point is the East African Investment Conference which was held in Kigali recently, An article could appear that President Kagame became the New Chairman, Another would come up Saying President Museveni Travels to Rwanda by Road for the East African Investment Conference (EAIC), Two days later an article on what was discussed in the EAIC and how it can impact on the East African Bloc appears and so on and so forth.
Generally speaking, the news papers have improved in terms of content provision. The New Vision can afford over 60 pages worth of content and the Monitor just about that. The Red Pepper on average has about 39 pages and so on. Soon we will see one of them featuring the Metro in UK which is free, widely read and with about 100 pages.

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