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Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Uganda pop star, Iryn Namubiru held in Japan
Two weeks back, Iryn Namubiru shared a pink poster on her wall advertising the 'Golden Weeks Holiday' show that was to take place on May 04, 2013 at Yotsukaido Cultural Hall in Japan followed by these words: "Japan, Japan TOKYO, I am bringing the FIRE OVA DEYA come May the 4th, 2013. You dont wanna miss Me!!!"

All sources seem to indicate that she was contacted by Kim Ueno, a Ugandan promoter based in Japan who also asked her to come with a parcel that had posho and powdered matooke.

On arrival at the Japan Airport Terminal, the authorities had to check her luggage like they do to any traveller but the posho and matooke found in her luggage turned out to be suspected white powder leading to her arrest. Twaibu Sekamatte, the Chairman of the Ugandan Community in Japan also confirmed the arrest.

Iryn's having a French passport made matters worse for the Ugandans in Japan who tried to establish why the 'Anyereketa' singer had taken long at the airport. She's travelling on a French passport, so as Ugandans, there is little you can do about her problems

"It's unfortunate that a package was given to her as she was heading to the airport with claims that it was posho, more so from a trusted source, so she did not suspect anything could be wrong," noted one of the relatives.

Four days later, Iryn's manager, Thadeus Mubiru has not come out with a statement on the fate of the songstress. Iryn is still in custody in touch with customs officials and Japan police. The French Embassy in Japan is yet to communicate on the developments.

Iryn has been having a series of cases in the French courts with her ex-hubby, Franck Morell, but should this turn out to be true that the Ugandan singer was arrested in Japan on possession of drugs, she could lose the child custody litigation and her French citizenship revoked.

Meanwhile, all that has nothing to do with the way Japan handles cases of stimulants smuggling, it could earn her a jail term of about 10 years or death.

Posted by: uowd AT 04:00 pm   |  Permalink   |  40 Comments  |  Email
Woowe maama nze .......
Posted by Sara Ssali on 08/05/2013 - 05:59 PM
the experience iryn has in traveling why did she had to take a risk of carrying some body's baggage, may be she had a dipper relationship with the promoter
Posted by kirabo on 08/05/2013 - 06:14 PM
Iryn was setup. This is why I wouldn't carry a package for anyone unless I'm the one who bought it or made it. May God help her and her attorney to convince Japanese police and judges that she is innocent and unknowingly carried it because she trusted the wrong people. And may God help the Japanese police and judges see that Iryn is telling the truth. Kim Ueno could be traveling under his Ugandan name and Ugandan passport. All Kim Ueno's aliases need to be put in newspapers so that police can arrest him.
Posted by Kitufu on 09/05/2013 - 02:09 AM
oh sorry ma darling,but iknow god is by ur side u will b out in jesus name coz our prayers are with u irene take heart it shall b well,be strong.lov u.fan
Posted by luckyjackie89 on 09/05/2013 - 09:00 AM
Very ugly situation for one of my favourite artists & this should be a lesson 2 all of us.Never ever travel with things that u haven't personally checked in 2 yo luggage. All I can do 4 her now is pray 4 her.
Posted by Wendy on 09/05/2013 - 09:34 AM
why go with a french passport yet she had already separated with who had influenced the process of getting it,now who will fight for her rights,people pliz get to know that east west home is best.She should have gone with a Ugandan passport.
Posted by matheus on 09/05/2013 - 09:44 AM
Ya maweee.... Iryn dear,only God can come to your rescue right now. You need massive prayer Iryn. Just wondering how dark haerted some people can realy be.
Posted by Pretty on 09/05/2013 - 10:26 AM
Only Jah. Only God shud take over rescue her.
Posted by Shotta man on 09/05/2013 - 10:27 AM
i sympathise with Irene but my interrogative question wld be; Irene, sincerely speaking, didn't you KNOW about the contents of your luggage? If you did, then your colleagues in crime shld come out and save your ass! we need not become impatient to amasse wealth! i admire your music and i like your voice but i will be shocked if it turns out to be 'a prior knowledge' scenerio! otherwise you will eventually be set free if you are innocent!
Posted by adrian on 09/05/2013 - 11:50 AM
Oh,sorry Irene ,only we need to do is to send prayers so that you get out that shit,but then always check your luggage by your self be4 you set off.so sorry for lady.
Posted by Malik on 09/05/2013 - 02:09 PM
@Pretty, pips R so Ugly hearted, U cant underestimate the Living. I read sumthing 2day that says" Fight the DEAD N fear the Living." Guess where I read this 2day, no otherthan Las Vegas so never underestimate the living pips. Irene dear, may yo creator intervene in ya situation. We will pray 4 u but let he pull the trigger 4 yo fate. Am so sry dear.
Posted by wendy on 09/05/2013 - 02:45 PM
Bana Uganda temuyiga this chic is lying I witnessed her and her manager planing so that she gets publicity and releases more songs. She is not detained and she has been in touch wondering if her stunt worked. Wait and see after all this agenda ku launchinga. These bitches play us remember Desire's stunt!
Posted by Allen on 09/05/2013 - 02:50 PM
@wendy,surely this world we are living in today makes you take precaution towards everybody including even a bed-mate. Eeehh banange,If I had Jesus' no. I would request him to come back now. For sure this is a Mubiru doing it to Namubiru,KITALO!!!!
Posted by Pretty on 09/05/2013 - 07:11 PM
oh GOD could rule Namubiru from this piece of sh#t.
Posted by Ssengoba on 10/05/2013 - 01:18 AM
better the devil u know than the angel u know nothing abt,if its true Iryn was set up,then pipo have satan's workshops they mistake for hearts.On the other hand mob pipo(more-so female ugandan artists and socialites) go abroad for prostitution and issues like namubiru's(drugs) on behalf of the so called "city tycoons".theaz a possibility its another publicity stunt en a launch will follow naye all in all mukama akusasire Iryn,coz u aint a bad person......
Posted by shirley on 10/05/2013 - 11:13 AM
it is a pitty ,all the funs just kneel down before the ALMIGHTY GOD so that He solve her problems bec is the only One who knows what happen next? Please pray for her, musicians they are like parents. Pliz endavour to do so ...On the will of God she will be fine. Let come Japan kill her i encourage fell Ugandans not to use any product from Japan, they would have shown they pretend to be creators ,a Creator the one who controls our life ,no one else
Posted by eng sfk fred nuclear on 10/05/2013 - 12:36 PM
LEAVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LET US PRAY!!! (just 1 minute) Almighty Father creator of Heaven and earth and everything in between, We humbly come before you with thanks giving in our hearts, asking for your never ending mercy. We lift your name on high, above any name that has ever existed, our father and creator, we ask you to bless , protect and to pour your supernatural favor upon our celeb and friend IRYN NAMUBIRU. Father any situation you touch, we believe it can never remain the same.i will be very happy and all her supporters when she is back home. AMEN!!!
Posted by Johnson Gooder Ssekandi on 10/05/2013 - 03:30 PM
OOOOooo sorry mi dear friend but be strong and pray hard God is with u we are praying for u and u will be set free.Better the devil u know than the angle u don't know.
Posted by eve on 10/05/2013 - 03:49 PM
a criminal is a criminal.... and thats it!. Besides why is everyone feeling remorseful for her? What if she actually has been doing it and her 40th hour had reached? that is what happens to people that believe in worldly things!! She needs to be protected by the blood of jesus!!! and only that can save her!! LOTS OF PRAYER NEEDED. Anyway ....sorry
Posted by Sse on 10/05/2013 - 04:41 PM
Very sorry for Irene but how could carry a luggage without varying what was contained in it yet you knew that those people are very strict. It looked like your first time to travel not yet. Anyway let's pray for you God shall rescue you. We love you.
Posted by Kaweesi Alex on 10/05/2013 - 04:56 PM
wabula muswaaza ahhhh......
Posted by dero on 10/05/2013 - 04:57 PM
Bambi......iunderstand what shes goin thru......we ol knw,doin sm1 favour takin smthng for them to anatha ctry cnt be hard,more so when thyr trusted n unsuspectable pipo..m so sori for her,shes probably been given packages dfft tyymz n diidnt think this wd turn out terrible....my prayers r with her n her kids...they dont deserve ol this critiscism
Posted by Ramjji on 10/05/2013 - 07:58 PM
"Bambi, she was set up.she is innocent" how do you know that she is innocent?Developed countires have strict drugs laws because drugs target &destroy young people who are the future of any country, albeit adults being affected too. Namubiru was not detained for failure to failed to return a library book on time.Drugs traffickers are responsible for the misery of many people.muwoleleze ate mulumilize mpola, but, please look at these links and assess how you would feel if a filthy dealer was supplying drugs your child.Is that the culture we want to nurture in Uganda?http://planetoddity.com/faces-of-meth-addicts/comment-page-1/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmj1ITl3dZg
Posted by Kataike on 11/05/2013 - 06:46 AM
Sorry dear but we are all with you and we are praying for you all the time.
Posted by kauma idi on 11/05/2013 - 11:16 AM
so sorry ma lovery singer, bt its a leson to all ov us.
Posted by mutenja on 11/05/2013 - 11:35 AM
sorry mi elder sister here we are praying for you dat you dont be killed coz dos people are not simple in their country sorry dear let mi hope dat bbakuwayiliza bbuwayilizi
Posted by ndaula shafic shafs on 11/05/2013 - 04:28 PM
i cannot say that she was set up or she was in deal i can only say we should look for ways how she can get out the custody.The truth is she was caught with drugs no matter she is innocent or not the case is in her knees,lets pray to God for her discharge and we look for other necessary support than wasting our time arguing and predicting the situation.
Posted by ssempa francis on 12/05/2013 - 10:40 AM
Oh my darling Iryn, i read this with tears in my eyes! You goofed on this one and i really hope you get out of this saga soon. My sincere prayers are with you dear. God help you.
Posted by Victoria on 13/05/2013 - 05:00 AM
sorry fo your dear namubilu my qns is how did this items pass your checking point in entebbe,then reaching japan she is a rested.
Posted by anna bakkabulindi on 14/05/2013 - 10:20 AM
trueth can never be hiden.dear irin u will be set free soon.
Posted by ssengendo abubaker on 14/05/2013 - 04:49 PM
well, sorry to hear such story,but you not the first one in it you will be out, we are praying for you dear Iryn,hope you could read this, but I'm sure you will after you are free. Kimz Junior! junior Kim
Posted by Junior Akim on 16/05/2013 - 12:42 AM
Kibinyo ekikutuuseko my dear Iryn, but God is control. He will come to rescue, stop depending on rich people or government officials to help you in this situation, just put yo trust in God atalemwe. Wishing you all the best.
Posted by Martha on 16/05/2013 - 02:35 AM
In life the truth will alway come out so my dear keep on praying to GOD for he answers our pray coz he sayed ask for anythings in my name and u will get. MAY GOD BLESS U
Posted by martha on 16/05/2013 - 06:37 PM
Please please people, don't accept things u don't knw to take for someone outside another country! Coz its dangerous. I leave in Japan bt I knw Japanese laws, it's not easy! What we can do only to pray for Iryn.
Posted by Abdu on 19/05/2013 - 04:25 PM
It's so sad to note such especially to our great actress, surely it's so painful bt let us put it in our good God's prayers, i have hopes the truth will be out..... And let us take this as a good lesson...especially travelers !Pls, take caution, this lady , our best Iryn, most likely was trapped , that guy is bad if he planned for this lady,, all prayers are there for you dear Iryn
Posted by Dan on 20/05/2013 - 10:07 AM
she didnt do it they planed it 4 her
Posted by mukasa keneth on 20/05/2013 - 03:25 PM
May the good lord help her out regardless of what transpired and please let this be a lesson to us Ugandans and Africans in general that much as we love people, work with them and even be it fathering or mothering others and vis-a-vis, we should and always must have only and singularly ourselves to trust if we are not to say ''I WISH'', God bless u and may he draw his sword to cut the chains that are currently capping Irene, I so do pray AMEN!
Posted by Geoffrey on 21/05/2013 - 02:32 PM
sorry for my favorite female ugandan artist.surely i pray that the Lord help you through this situation
Posted by mutesasira lamech on 21/05/2013 - 08:27 PM
every human being should be down for now. we love u Iryn be strong God is on our side
Posted by paul on 24/05/2013 - 05:28 PM
sorry abt that dear hope the truth will come out soon
Posted by carey on 26/06/2013 - 12:04 PM

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