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Latest Juliana Stories
Juliana Birthday: Singer Turns 31
Juliana Birthday: Singer Turns 31
Happy Birthday, Juliana! With a prolific music career that began in the 2000's... the multi-award winning singer has cloaked 31 and she still looks curvy, beautiful and young....Read More>
Juliana Follows Her Passion While Singing
Juliana Follows Her Passion While Singing
Juliana's passion for singing comes from deep within her soul mind and heart and she is not in it for money...wondered why the Tusker Project Fame judge is not quick at launching every now and then ..so you got the answer.
...Read More>
Juliana Beats Chameleone at BEFFTA UK Award
Juliana Beats Chameleone at BEFFTA UK Award
The 2008 PAM Awards artiste of the year Juliana Kanyomozi has yet again added another award onto her long list of awards with the latest being Best International Afrobeat Act of the Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Art (BEFFTA), 2012....Read More>
Juliana N Iryn - Who Got the Best Pose?
Juliana N Iryn - Who Got the Best Pose?
Juliana and Iryn pose in a similar way leading their fans to determine who of the two has the best pose?...Read More>
Juliana Kanyomozi

Latest Juliana News

Talk of Lady Musicians in Uganda, I'm sure you will not miss Juliana Kanyomozi. Her latest single is 'Nseyeya'. Another track worth trying is Kibaluma which sounds more like a hit back at those who do not wish her well. More of Juliana's Music
Maama Mbiire , Nabikoowa * Nabikoowa Lyrics  

Interview - Who is Juliana
Juliana's Wacky World
This page is dedicated to Juliana Fans!

Frank Amooti-USA - Hi Juliana I only wish you the best.Keep Up. I love you.


  • Name: Jim
    Your Reaction: Pretty gal, so sexy and lovely.
  • Name: Ssebagala muzafalu Dubai /Uganda
    Your Reaction: you rock me Juliana
  • Name: Mathias Tum. Uganda
    Your Reaction: Credit goes to JULIAN.
    you are such a creative woman, who rose from a humble background to a level of a super star lady musician. keep it up.
  • Name: Kigenyi William
    Your Reaction: keep it up p'se.
  • Name: K Sadaat
    Your Reaction: juliana gwe kirabo
  • Name: Bernad
    Your Reaction: Why are Ugandan musicians not united?
  • Name: lryn
    Your Reaction: Her song 'Empissazo' had remained incompetent for years, l wish she could come up with another one of the kind GOD BLESS her.
  • Name: Muhweeezi Jonan
    Your Reaction: King of the Jungle and the behaved artist in Uganda.
  • Name: Rodger Dialo
    Your Reaction: I Love your music JK so keep the fire burning
  • Name: Joshua Wanga
    Your Reaction: Juliana is the hottest babe of course
  • Name: Juliana Nayiga
    Your Reaction: I think my namesake is the best thing that has happened to the Ugandan music industry
  • Name: Lule Ronald
    Your Reaction: Juliana is ma favorite artist in Uganda today.
  • Name: Kilbridge
    Your Reaction: Juliana please gime a call 
  • Name: Ballla Chris
    Your Reaction:
    Juliana thanks very much for beating those who call themselves stars. Keep it up gal we expect much from you as your fans.
  • Name: Logan
    Your Reaction: I realy love your music, u actually use your talent. great voice, figure,smiles, height everything 95%. Keep it up dear we love you and yo music.
  • Name: Onesmus
    Your Reaction: You have hot music hits
  • Name: Kateebalirwe Stephen
    Your Reaction: she is a good artist and she deserves an award.
  • Name: Iryn
    Your Reaction: She perfects her voice in different versions
  • Name: Lule
    Your Reaction: am a song writer and can as well do back up singing plus play guitar can u have any use for me?. I really love your style and want to enroll in it at an early stage more so with a pro like you.
  • Name: G.P.A
    Your Reaction: I'm proud of you Juliana good going
  • Name: Lydia
    Your Reaction: I love your music. May God help you to pursue your music.
  • Name: Eddy
    Your Reaction: mimi huwa napenda sana juliana ana vyo imba2 na huwa nampeda
  • Name: Julyo Norway
    Your Reaction: She is the best Ugandan lady musician
  • Name: Levinne Barbara
    Your Reaction: I love Juliana's new form she deserves artiste of the year..with usiende, Diana, Kibaluma, now Sirinayo Mulala with sweet kid she is off the hook!
  • Name: Abudalla
    Your Reaction: nze ndi muna Uganda naye ngambela Dubai Juliana yemuyimbi nze kulwange gwe ndabanga yasinga mubayimbi abakazzi era kuma omutindo gwo
  • Name: Abu
    Your Reaction: I admire yo voice
  • Name: Emmanuel
    Your Reaction: Iam from TZ, sis your the best, I like your songs very much, keep it up girl.
  • Name: Aphia
    Your Reaction: I just love Juliana singing she makes ma days and makes me feel at home though in Sweden
    Your Reaction: Vote of thanks to Julianah coz she made many of us to go away with those who break our heart NABIKOWA SONG
  • Name: Shanie
    Your Reaction: Juliana moves me en may God continue to bless her
  • Name: Jesca
    Your Reaction: Juliana upo juu mtu wangu !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Name: Beatrice K
    Your Reaction: Julian is my best of all. Go girl. You have all the international qualities.
  • Name: John B.Kasule
    Your Reaction: Juliana's DIANA is oooooowwwesome.I just love it.
  • Name: Kutta Danny
    Your Reaction: woooooooow I like yo song kibaluma for sure p'ple don't want others to develop haha God bless Julie
  • Name: Julian
    Your Reaction: She is good in every thing. keep it up. Good music, beautiful face etc and good voice.



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