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Uganda Job Mart Lists Jobs in Uganda to make your search for Uganda Jobs an easy one. All level jobs are listed to cater for all categories and professionals. We do not accept resumes but Job Seekers can instead apply directly to the employers as the addresses and details are provided. Cover letters sent by email get to top bosses in most cases, so there is every need to pay close attention while constructing one. Add to Google

East African Jobs

  Date       Employer        Post Station  Deadline
08.Feb.2013 Sawa World Uganda  (1) Country Director Uganda Kampala 08.Mar.2013
26.Aug.08 WBS Uganda (2) Managerial Posts Kampala 05.Sep.08
26.Aug.08 South African High Commission Administration Clerk Kampala 12.Sep.08
26.Aug.08 Kadic Hospital Bukoto (3) Positions Kampala 05.Sep.08
26.Aug.08 Seruland Ssesamirembe Research Assistant Kampala 08.Sep.08
05.Aug.08 Bidco Uganda Ltd  6 Vacancies Jinja 30.Aug.08


Uganda Human Rights Commission  Human Resources Manager Kampala 31.Aug.08
06.Aug.08 East African Development Bank  7 Career Opportunities Kampala 18.Aug.08
06.Aug.08 Hospice Africa Uganda Accounts Assistant Mbarara 08.Aug.08
04.Aug.08 Embassy of Ireland  Economist Kampala 20.Aug.08
04.Aug.08 Ericsson AB Uganda  Managerial Posts (11) Kampala 15.Aug.08
04.Aug.08 Multichoice Uganda  Operations Manager Kampala 18.Aug.08
23.Jul.08 Uganda Electricity Generation Co Ltd  Senior Accountant Jinja 22.Aug.08

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Uganda Jobs
Uganda Jobs