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Sunday, 09 January 2011
 2010 Big Butt Award Winner
Our judges decided that this award will go to Julie Kaka who is so proud of what her mama gave her. She went to a place called tiger tiger and the white babes laughed saying...."jeeez is this like the biggest u've ever seen???"
Posted by: uowd AT 02:53 pm   |  Permalink   |  149 Comments  |  Email
twakoowa, pliz we nid to read about something else not this fat thing anymore. aparently it was even fired from volts as the sassy nite is no more coz d bitches were spoiling its reputation, n pipo nearly mistook it a strippers' club. Tuli bakowu with this gubody, and its contours. Tiger tiger isn't expensive after all, if she had dressed decently, d zungus wudn't laugh her off, coz their thoz that r even fatter n more ugly looking than this thing, but they jst laughed coz she didn't have a proper dress code. fwfwfwfwfw!!!!
Posted by SHEENA on 09/01/2011 - 05:22 PM
We have seen bigger,humongous and armophous ones.The most important thing is to keep it clean from all the sweat. I mean washing 4 times a day. Once you have babies all the beef will look for gravity and start sagging. It will look so ugly and then it is time to hit the gym to tighten that beef. I am struggling with that meat which is sagging everywhere.People It is not funny and not pretty. I miss my model figure Yikes!
Posted by Mary on 09/01/2011 - 08:12 PM
Yuck...this is so urgly.I just wish she could dress up decently. She looks so tacky and trashy..she cud be mistaken for a hooker and a cheap one at that. style up babe...you have a pretty face so u can do better than that.
Posted by Lidz on 10/01/2011 - 12:57 AM
OMG, can't Kaka afford a gym she looks bad very fat sagging everywhere. only her face is cute but the rest is ugly.
Posted by Mugisha on 10/01/2011 - 01:55 AM
Sheena big is Big so dan't hate...Its not about how cheap or how expensive Tiger Tiger might be but the comments from the zungu babes were in black n white..they had never seen such a butt period..We Go... We Go.. We Go Julie We Go hahahahah!!!
Posted by Bamz on 10/01/2011 - 03:01 AM
Big bums to see alive omma send me your E-mail kaka for more details.
Posted by deco on 10/01/2011 - 03:51 AM
Kaka people are enving u 4 no good reason dear . U are really beautifull and so sexy. I like da way u dress by showing da world dat there are ladies in Uganda. u look so sweet and sexy dear keep up.
Posted by Gaka Moric on 10/01/2011 - 05:00 AM
she got her own thing,ilike it keep it up,kaka u have river nile in between,it can shower six inches mattress.keep yo bootylicious.Ricky.m
Posted by Ricky M on 10/01/2011 - 05:28 AM
banange stop all that nugu the gal is proud of what her mama gave her so what's the problem with that wama go kaka yo hot en beautiful
Posted by josh on 10/01/2011 - 07:12 AM
She is really mouth watering.I love her legs. Thanks for our opitical nutrition.Is it possible to bring her rear legs like you did be free bebes pics.Kaka has got real Assets.Big UP.
Posted by kamugisha on 10/01/2011 - 12:48 PM
Kaka wama don't worry about what people say about your fat ugly bum and legs you have one pretty face and thats all that matters. I like you beautiful face
Posted by Sanyu on 10/01/2011 - 03:07 PM
This is obesity not beauty, Cellulite not classed as beauty its a sign of too much appetite to top it all off its nasty i hardly double this whore cleans her self good. if you men and women prefer to call this beauty, Crack on but in my book this is is filth of the highest class. I bet you this heffah is not even married. looks like the editor of this site loves such heffas.
Posted by Lugali on 11/01/2011 - 01:50 AM
really ur gd ad fit 4 it . ur great
Posted by musana on 11/01/2011 - 06:16 AM
really ur gd ad fit 4 it . ur great
Posted by musana on 11/01/2011 - 06:18 AM
kaka wama you look beautiful bakuveko.
Posted by drake on 11/01/2011 - 07:39 AM
U ar hot & juicy I believe. The problem may be when U put on such nude dresses. Night Clubs, naughty hang out places, 100% plus OK. Other factors ar just Nugu from ladies. Not only miss Big Butt Bt also miss red pepper 2010 despite weight.
Posted by POR on 11/01/2011 - 10:05 AM
Da Past is not her future, so please you haters mind your business. Kaka lets goooo.....U deserve wat U A.
Posted by Ival on 11/01/2011 - 11:57 PM
Please kindly post Kakas rear legs in full. I believe that any man will salvate.Nothing is so sexy like legs behind. All men will believe me.Thats why ladies wear short dresses and any normal man will look behind after meeting a woman with sexy legs even those driving cars or boda. It is said that some accidents are caused by drivers looking behind to see the legs of a sexy lady like Kakas.No accidents online.Even gals love it.Please put value addition.Thanks.
Posted by Kamugisha on 11/01/2011 - 11:59 PM
where can I find the decent gals in kampala ready to settle , be married, be good mothers and represent me well at office events ,parties and dinners by dressing according to the occasion. I have taken such gals who look like kaka home but it is all empty by the end of the day and I caught one with the shamba boy as she used to dress skimply when I was at work. Where can I find marriage material in kampala.? Very sad
Posted by Mikail on 12/01/2011 - 12:01 AM
Beauty is in the eye sof the beholder. what looks ugly to me can be another person's Dish or treasure. I personally like portables who can twist their waist like crazy. Kaka I have a gym in my house in kololo. You need to tone down gal and get rid of those ,Contours,winding roads, Valleys,gulleys,highlands,lowlands,volcanos,Cellulites, bumps,potholes ,love handles,and and all extra fat. Your beautiful face needs to match with what you have underneath when you undress
Posted by Bigdaddy on 12/01/2011 - 12:23 AM
@Mikail I am marraige material and need husband material. I am a very respectable lady. if you are serious I can contact you
Posted by sanyu on 12/01/2011 - 02:58 AM
Disgusting filth
Posted by dwario on 12/01/2011 - 09:05 AM
mujeewo e bimwa if u think byangu namwe mwambale ngaye. abakazzi muyiina enuggu... julie keep it up.
Posted by flo on 13/01/2011 - 12:56 AM
dala kitufu ono omukyala alina omwami? if yes then let him not give her a gap .the dayn yu will give gap yu will regret if only i new her locatio i wud be no one to make a trial drive and prove to the rest dat wat yu see is real .
Posted by sammex on 14/01/2011 - 03:01 AM
u know wat julie am awomam but i like u so much to me ur so hot and i thank God for u. i love ur confidence that u can dress like that to show wat u have. its great and so ma sister keep it up.gooo julie
Posted by regie on 14/01/2011 - 03:58 AM
dear kaka, i must admit that u were raised in a society without wizards ,my dear keep what your mama gave you.
Posted by wailter musisi on 14/01/2011 - 08:04 AM
They say BIRDS of the same FEATHERS will always Flock together. Tell me who your friends are and i will tell you exactly who you are and how you think and what kind of class background you come from and also taking into consideration : brains.( Endowooza)
Posted by Thomas on 14/01/2011 - 03:40 PM
Julie if you ever pass through what pipo write, with me i would just love to see you 1on1 cause you a such a good babe to hve, your face is that pretty and your butt is the size i fall for, so i just say you r good to go, i love that size of yours babe Kaka
Posted by iga patrick on 15/01/2011 - 12:45 AM
Dear kaka, weathr you put on a goomas you will still look good,why don't you qit this dress cord of your, this is uganda plz.
Posted by Partra on 15/01/2011 - 05:56 AM
aint that an african butt?? guys dont be fooled that she gat the best...just because african old ladies are descent dont mean they dont gat them...all am asking for is this lady should style up for the sake of her kids....where are the morals.....and some one calls this optical nutrition from that tank? get a life...
Posted by ryan on 15/01/2011 - 06:52 AM
this is disugusting, bambi your family i dnt knw what they think abtyou being in papers half naked. Your children mama, other kids will start talking about their mother. nyabo julie please for the sake of your children cover up abit, you can still look good in decent clothes, give your self respect, show the good side of you. Julie am also a mother of 2 but i wuld never ever disrespect my children to do that however much it wuld cost, your parents oh my goodness. Another thing banange that butt is not all that with that meat she needs to go to the gym & tone, women hv figures only that they respect themslves. You hv all the time to go hit the gym becs you only go out at night & being on benefits you get a discount
Posted by murungi a on 15/01/2011 - 08:52 AM
They is something funny about this lady, she said she was going to uganda and that all the woman should keep their men indoors. Julie you know you are not allowed to travel yet, why do you lie to people
Posted by rita nalubega on 15/01/2011 - 09:05 AM
Banange abantu muyina enugu. Every one has achoice and alife to led. Thats her boby. Kaka i know women who are bumless. Are always complaining.After the all coldness of winter.What do you expect her to wear in summer even white gals put on the same clothes.What matters is the format of your boby and the time. Mutuje ko amalo ge kiboga.For those who want to marry don,t tell us you problems. its all about your bad luck
Posted by liz USA on 15/01/2011 - 05:01 PM
i havent seen so much cellulite in my entire life, gosh u stink girl you look so trashy!
Posted by jan-jan on 16/01/2011 - 06:01 AM
who cares about her but anyway! big or small doesnt change her rouge personality.
Posted by jimmy on 16/01/2011 - 06:27 AM
i guess if they dont talk about you are not important mukikirize that is she important since she has stirred up many people
Posted by susan on 16/01/2011 - 01:32 PM
Am awoman but like your skin and body. eyakusinze abayakusinze. Mutujeko ebinugu byamwe.wama show them nti jewakulila tewali musezi.kaka gooooooooooooo Abenugu mwetuge.Twakowa
Posted by liz U SA on 16/01/2011 - 02:17 PM
my dear if cover your fresh alittle bit u will look pretty but with that you look like avendor nowander zungus laughed at you.
Posted by dora on 17/01/2011 - 01:07 AM
Liz evey woman has the righ to do what she want with her body but this is to much,this is Uganda take her to the USA your are its not for ugandan we have sooo many coool lady who dree well. Kaka this madness theri is no nugu liz you talk about you skin, why don't you do the same i whish you could also look naked liz twakowa.
Posted by partra on 17/01/2011 - 03:27 AM
Munaabe mutuukule bulungi, is what is important
Posted by Micheal on 17/01/2011 - 12:31 PM
whether Kaka has a big A S S and dresses indecently thats none of your business. Let her show the world how she was GIFTED by nature.wama pose for some pix in a swim suit then they will shut up.
Posted by VEE cairo on 18/01/2011 - 02:17 PM
Muffe kumidaala gwa mwe.....BIBAKWATILAKO wa....2mbav!
Posted by jakso on 19/01/2011 - 11:57 AM
i like big butts kaka
Posted by kafumisi on 22/01/2011 - 09:40 AM
Waama its always good to appreciate what God gave you. for sure you have it. if i was a man why not admire. suppose yr like that in your bed room with your husband then why can he go for other women really what.! God gave you what it take s for a woman then use it rightly
Posted by ASIMWE on 25/01/2011 - 07:40 AM
Posted by shamir on 25/01/2011 - 08:29 AM
lol lol lol. You people have time.. Mbu shes not allowed to travel, thats funny naye how do u know her status...Plus i thought the site was for entertainment, why write such nonsense. Give the woman a break people. Just cant stop laughing, there are ugandan gals with bigger bums though but keep it low.
Posted by Challene UK on 25/01/2011 - 09:33 AM
Kaka,facts are better u are real a good lady any man would wish to share a bed with,but being a mother of two it's not neccessary to expose yo naked body.Please respect yo x- dren too and remember this is Africa,the great in Culture.Thanx.
Posted by Tibaijuka Jeff on 26/01/2011 - 06:56 AM
can someone pls tell us where is desires where about in the scene
Posted by matolG on 26/01/2011 - 08:13 AM
Bannange ebyo byonna byengera bya Mungu,wamma zne matira nnyo
Posted by Yosam on 27/01/2011 - 07:50 AM
So beautiful...... by the way Kaka, you are a Motozera Harrier!!!!! I like you dia. go face.
Posted by Sam & Julie on 28/01/2011 - 04:46 AM
So many comments! Julie, this is proof that people think of you,however good or bad their comments are, it's a sign that you are deep in their skins and they want a piece of you. Next time hang out with a bloke, I reckon few people will be bothered to comment.
Posted by babi on 28/01/2011 - 06:05 PM
Kaka is proud of the gift of life, Sheena go hang because you go so personal. Julie you are big and beautiful team Julie Kaka all the way xoxoxo
Posted by Toucara on 29/01/2011 - 06:25 AM
Africanas u a crazy
Posted by Rajesh on 30/01/2011 - 11:00 AM
Kaka I like the booty but you to work out a little bit to get it in shape and those legs too. Get your body to international standards.
Posted by Tina on 31/01/2011 - 01:12 PM
Toucara, nxt time say it to my face coz we both know each other. N b careful coz yo photos are coming nxt. Yo jst some noisy prik o yes thats wat u are. Hehehe , d fact remains Julie is exposing too much a mother shudn't do. N more so with that contoured body. If she can only learn how to wear the right material, d size size dazn't matter provided she dazn't expose d hills and rift valleys . Tell her to dress in jean like materials. TOUCARA HOPE U GET THAT DELIVERED. SEE U SOON.
Posted by SHEENA on 01/02/2011 - 01:24 PM
kak you basically look hot,en have no problem with yo dress.. u guys who are complaining about da dress code remember wat they call style? yo stylish baibe,..mwaaaaa
Posted by roselyn on 02/02/2011 - 02:30 AM
kak you basically look hot,en have no problem with yo dress.. u guys who are complaining about da dress code remember wat they call style? yo stylish baibe,..mwaaaaa
Posted by roselyn on 02/02/2011 - 02:31 AM
kale i like dat kaka-style..kip t up lady.absolutely beautiful
Posted by shir on 03/02/2011 - 05:44 AM
Shez got all da swag...i wonder who doesnt like dat apple bottom...kaka wama wish i was dere 2 see hw ya move it.
Posted by simpson on 03/02/2011 - 04:00 PM
Gwe so cold Partra that chic is in UK. H0w long do you take to read news pappers. tuswala ne byoyogela tobimanyi.mind your business pleeeeeeeeeeees. Twakowa amalo gwe Pratra.you think she will take your man.lwaki tewekakasa kyo yina
Posted by Liz on 06/02/2011 - 01:42 PM
No one said its bad to be FAT and have enomoous cellulite, but why dress in kid's clothes?????
Posted by Chappa on 06/02/2011 - 01:46 PM
Wabula kyanna gwe how do you manage the beaty? look so appetising please give contacts in case you dont mind!!!!
Posted by Mambo on 07/02/2011 - 12:50 PM
Julie kaka one hat baiby ever seen.God help me feel her in DREAMZ
Posted by JAY on 08/02/2011 - 04:54 AM
We are all different honestly with differing looks and build-ups,but think about the consequences of bigging up too exorbitantly.Things like diabetes,high blood pressure and others are likely to develop as a result.Keep your body but work it out.
Posted by Geoffrey on 08/02/2011 - 06:39 AM
can some man marry her and keep her home grounded in nice expensive Gomesi's with maids . She would look like a queen in someones home. Otherwise the shamba boys and neighbourhood boys will want to see what is under that fat ASS. What a wasted beautiful face.Please respect your image and your self. If I was to hire you as my secretaty I would vet you and not give you a job for this image. If I had a bar business yes. You can attract all drinkers and pimps in town to my bar.Did you consider that job?
Posted by Mike on 08/02/2011 - 08:15 PM
to be fat it iz just unfit and luck of gym
Posted by emmay on 11/02/2011 - 02:34 AM
I wish Catherine Kusasira was there. Then Julie will not be boasting about having a big butt..
Posted by Missbri on 11/02/2011 - 07:32 AM
surely let the babe show her bootiful body.Wo ever is sad go away
Posted by Sheila on 12/02/2011 - 12:19 AM
Thanx alot your body makes me fill like seing you,may God bless you. Please contact me, have a nice day.
Posted by Saleh Abood on 12/02/2011 - 07:18 AM
Posted by jkim on 14/02/2011 - 02:31 AM
i love the butt kaka...nice body...you go gal.like the fact that she is proud of what her mama gave her...
Posted by cindy on 15/02/2011 - 05:00 AM
Aaha mulina obudde.
Posted by sysai on 20/02/2011 - 11:32 PM
wooo, straka like there u go ,ebyo byenjagara.ohoo ajust imagine
Posted by LUTAYA HENRY on 21/02/2011 - 01:59 PM
whaaat!is tha wht i think it is can i marry you.this if natural beauty......
Posted by samie on 22/02/2011 - 12:52 AM
what? did i hear u properly? marry? am afraid after few months u wont be interested anymore, she is too fat to roll.And i hope u can lift her up in your arms.
Posted by sysai on 23/02/2011 - 12:46 AM
I always meet u at wanstead station, gal u make heads turn in jean trousers,now i see u as a complete turn off in skimpy dresses.skimpies don't suite u. u need to cover up and live room of imagination.
Posted by sysai on 24/02/2011 - 11:18 PM
We............... I appreciate Ur workn in production................Thanx a lot
Posted by Isaac95@gmail.com on 11/03/2011 - 09:04 AM
u`ve nce ASS & look waterly with nice Butts. So, Abennuggu bapowe, ffe bitukolera. so keep that Tsunami clean try to be meanee!!!
Posted by Ssabaviki on 11/03/2011 - 09:16 AM
she make mi wanna pocket,, period;;;
Posted by frank on 12/03/2011 - 09:27 AM
Nze i like this chick and really what she is. is ma desire . am 30yrs if ur intrested check me on 0712384640 i have ma cash.
Posted by mweruka on 12/03/2011 - 11:54 AM
The judgment has been made and the best was selected the thing is fine and i love it. thanks to the judges
Posted by Moustapha on 15/03/2011 - 10:49 AM
Nze bannange ekyana kunkubye. Abakyogerera bogeza nugu...
Posted by mukalazi on 15/03/2011 - 01:48 PM
plz nga ure so big bat ure war dan others
Posted by ssemikka baker on 16/03/2011 - 03:31 PM
the fat ass is okay, but no one seemed to notice that cottage cheese like cellulite all over her big highs. That is sOooo........ gross.Eeeuughh....
Posted by yrupkn on 16/03/2011 - 09:39 PM
I know that bumless ladies must complain, let them blame their mums who made them sit in basins 4 along time. Wama Kaka go on Bajjakukiliza.
Posted by George on 17/03/2011 - 12:40 AM
wats wrong with having abig butt are there some people who want big butts accept to live with what you have dnt over boost over it but any way t looks cool
Posted by timothy on 18/03/2011 - 08:05 AM
you look very cute with the big butts. if you cant get comfort with anybody, please contact me i like you with your big butt. please use my email to reach me.
Posted by Joseph Ssemmanzi on 19/03/2011 - 12:09 AM
all is well with you.
Posted by tazzy on 19/03/2011 - 02:07 PM
Hi julie, yo so cute, yo figure is killin me gal,send me yo email add and yo facebook name skype address i need 2 get 2 no u more please, yo so beautfull gal God realy spend some time on u, keep smiling dear, jose qatar.
Posted by jose ss on 21/03/2011 - 10:32 AM
OK; mwe mujiyite Enuggu.
Posted by Sysai on 24/03/2011 - 08:33 AM
but this lady is all that important coz if she was not it wouldn't have stirred yo minds all that way.julie yo so beautiful that's why they are all talkin' like that[nuggu]
Posted by joshua on 08/04/2011 - 06:10 AM
kinu kika!!!!!!
Posted by BRUCEEEEEE on 10/04/2011 - 08:47 AM
matide you will make our vv sick
Posted by ken on 26/04/2011 - 06:12 AM
kaka you are a real juicy,i like your bumb shap i want see you in a pink tights shorts.
Posted by shibu on 02/05/2011 - 11:59 AM
kaka ur so nice that i want yr mobile number 4 a bussness of TWO.
Posted by jack on 08/05/2011 - 02:01 PM
banange she is fat..
Posted by habz on 09/05/2011 - 08:54 AM
Thanx for yo services.
Posted by Hassan musoke wasswa on 10/05/2011 - 01:08 PM
Yap! Thats the african but that every adventurous man should look out to. She's sexy
Posted by Adamski on 11/05/2011 - 05:39 AM
For sure the bums are huge wadde mwogedde bingi
Posted by mahu on 12/05/2011 - 04:03 AM
Inorder or yo' man 2 be proud of you kAKA,alwayz cover them in public and only expose when you are in the bedroom with him. I think its normal and safe or him!
Posted by carol on 13/05/2011 - 06:28 AM
Kaka, you are so sexy, don't worry about what people say about you. You are so beautifull and am sure some people are jealouse because of your body. Go kaka wama go
Posted by Chandiga on 18/05/2011 - 10:23 PM
every part of ur body looks it en there's no need for one 2 struggle.
Posted by Baker on 27/05/2011 - 03:04 AM
Please send me her contact, how did she do it? Oh ma God, thats why I need, you look good dear.
Posted by Sarah Kizito on 28/05/2011 - 10:55 AM
i like that booty, that looks so sex girl
Posted by thomas ramsay on 01/06/2011 - 08:28 AM
Oh banange laba ekintu
Posted by Bijampora on 14/06/2011 - 04:18 AM
shes got ebintu!!!!!!!! jeeeeeees!!!!!!
Posted by samuel on 14/06/2011 - 10:04 AM
Eyakusinze yakusinze mukilize banange. Lol!All the love Marjo
Posted by marjorie on 17/06/2011 - 12:59 PM
wama kaaka show wat ur maama gave u. for those who have beef let them go n hang afterall u know women! its none of peoples business do wat meks u happy. go on gal!!!!!!
Posted by kiconco on 24/06/2011 - 05:52 AM
Wowowowo! Give me a break. This so called KAKA' is not beautiful to my standards. Luk @ her legs, they are puffing with contortions a sign that she is having a BIG BATT not coz tiz nice but as a result of over eating matoke. I f she had very well polished thighs and that size of a BUTT, then I would love to sex her all the way, but, not anything serious.
Posted by El Polo Locco on 29/06/2011 - 07:02 PM
come on guys apppreciate kaka the way she is for mi she is endowed just fine kaka babie u rule
Posted by nsanze daniel on 12/07/2011 - 07:31 AM
Posted by KAKURU on 13/07/2011 - 11:29 PM
Gal u r hot. Ure blazing babe. You such a beauty bootylicious. U've made minds think over this site, u've made hearts feel u gal. I just imagine how imaginative p'ple would get if u covered a little more by dressing betta. Try it gal, u'll still hold da flo.
Posted by Randy on 14/07/2011 - 05:09 AM
U would look good if u had covered the thighs.r those wrinkles or what?My God No.
Posted by Angela j k on 29/07/2011 - 04:22 AM
O.M.G i just wonder how yu swing the butts while reving! ooops, tough job, tough gals
Posted by Gogp on 05/08/2011 - 08:13 AM
I am saved and married but the chic made ma thing to stand up. eeehhh maama how i wish.
Posted by Keneth Kimuli on 15/08/2011 - 06:46 AM
wakuwakye mbyana maji iko migi
Posted by ROB on 18/08/2011 - 02:59 AM
NO BAD FEELINGS,THAT BODY IS SOOOOO BAD.Don't know why we love flattery.How will she look like after pushing 2 kids.Babe...u need to visit a gim. Man!!!!!she's all fats....Phew!!!!!!
Posted by richard on 24/08/2011 - 01:28 PM
oh my god... I gotta visit the mother land.......... I just have too.
Posted by American Black Man on 30/08/2011 - 02:35 PM
omg! i am cumming right now
Posted by sperm on 02/09/2011 - 10:54 PM
u look good yoooooo...........
Posted by alice alok on 03/09/2011 - 04:18 AM
u gat to use that booty to stand yo future like buffie keep lt cleen 4 gays to link AM Mayanja in baghdad iraq
Posted by mayanja patrick on 05/09/2011 - 02:35 PM
I cannot imagine such huge, ugly, contoured thighs being displayed in public!
Posted by peace on 08/09/2011 - 08:45 AM
good fucks..... lov it
Posted by keera on 14/09/2011 - 05:09 AM
You are wonderfully and fearfully made. dont mind all this negativity.
Posted by sherry on 15/09/2011 - 07:54 AM
Posted by PAUL on 24/09/2011 - 01:12 PM
I think you are normal. you are OK for me. What I love most on you is your face and beautiful smile. Maintain your body.
Posted by Godwin on 30/09/2011 - 04:39 AM
Hahahaha this girl is so good at what she does! The thing is that she puts herself out there, maybe even pays some to the journalists (don' know how). i dont remember anything else she is known for and she doesn't want to remain a nobody. Reputation - good or bad works for her. oba akabinake kamulembe, oba tekatukula, the world knows about it. When the bigoddo really start hanging she will cover up but now let her enjoy her time. Tip for you the bateesi - stop noticing her you will see. she will either cry and retire or cry and take of her cloths totally then you will have something to talk about. By the way what happened to the Straka lady and her pupple hair?
Posted by Ngugi on 02/10/2011 - 03:31 PM
tell her im madly in love wid her can she be mine
Posted by cadetliop on 03/10/2011 - 04:54 AM
hi beauty. i love you figure. it is ok.the only thing that i would like you to add and which will help you maintain that figure. without man destroying.is to Accept Jesus's lord ship
Posted by erastus on 14/10/2011 - 06:20 AM
Omukazi wadala, let ha jst keep t up.
Posted by Clif on 15/10/2011 - 12:35 PM
Posted by Apunyo on 06/11/2011 - 03:14 AM
U re so beatiful ilike ur appearance n ur butt plikz
Posted by JOEL OBONG on 09/11/2011 - 09:01 PM
The buttis good but my dear............
Posted by willy on 11/11/2011 - 08:03 AM
Shiz cool bt we r tired o her, get samting else!
Posted by nasy issa on 19/11/2011 - 11:25 PM
What a shame.... And you call yourself a Mother.. Tuswala, and you are embarassing Mothers. Rgds
Posted by Goodies on 21/11/2011 - 06:13 AM
pls i like that lets talk
Posted by ken on 23/11/2011 - 08:59 AM
Posted by LOVE on 25/11/2011 - 07:12 AM
ha ha ha ha Uganda is runing crazy
Posted by FRESH on 02/12/2011 - 02:51 AM
She is so beautfull by all means i want her.give me your details i book you to Juba for X-mass with me.
Posted by Chabrikuku Wani on 11/12/2011 - 01:06 PM
Basebo neba nnyabo ono KAKA akyali omu yekka naye kiryose nekiberawo netulaba abalina ennugu bano abasinga abagufuwa balina Chicken Legs bwobatunula emabega balinga emotoka station wagon tebalina Bbuutu .Julie Kaka laga kyolina abafa baffe.
Posted by Fred Ziraba Muzaale on 03/01/2012 - 04:27 AM
Kaka them haters knw where to stick it u in England an they are in the village keep your head up u buffer than buffy the body u are 100% real may the lord keep blessing u x
Posted by jay on 04/01/2012 - 06:00 PM
kaka ur cool
Posted by Deno on 04/02/2012 - 06:48 AM
She won because she is prod of what she have & also contented with what she have i don't see why people can understand that & respect that. blag from now till nest year she has it and won give it up for any thing if some one knows how to get to her pls i like to get to that ass cos the ass make sens.
Posted by okeson on 24/04/2012 - 09:02 AM
nis ass
Posted by smokey89 on 07/05/2012 - 06:34 AM
You guys in Uganda don't know what you've got. I adore what I see, she is so pretty and o gosh!!! I love the hips and butty. She is so so sexy and attractive.
Posted by Bowie on 29/10/2012 - 04:08 AM
wapi u guys have lied my girlfriend has the biggest u can even sit on it
Posted by derrick on 02/01/2013 - 07:53 AM
dear All Ugandans, Love you all , and love the Property you women have non in the world is provided as you women of Uganda got it. i love to be with you all plz send me information's and pictures of Uganda.how to visit and economical hotels. thankingnyou m.hussain
Posted by mm.hussain on 05/04/2013 - 01:47 PM
Kaka I love your beautifull big booty, your wonderfull legs and your pretty face.
Posted by eubiratan b medeiros on 24/02/2014 - 06:45 AM
this one is mbaya sana
Posted by Daniel on 10/04/2014 - 01:25 PM

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