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Wednesday, 07 October 2015

Saxophonist Laveda doing her thing

This is what Tanzania's Laveda did to garner 85% from the live audience. This result made her the first Head of House. She is now immune from eviction this week as the rest of the 25 housemates are up for possible eviction.

Her voice let her down, a section of fans back home don't believe in her but in the last few hours of the game so far, she is among th housemates you can't miss. She was this afternoon doing a Luganda song that required her to do the traditional song, it was not long before Ellah joined her to do the song.

Esther gave Ellah the platform to tell Africa the meaning of the song; 'Nfunda Nomubi Nga azala', Ellah was quick to do so. ''I would rather marry an ugly person but when they are welcoming to the visitors," Ellah explained before wiggling to the dance.

Soon other housemates got interested in the dance so Ellah and Esther took them outside the house so they can learn the Uganda dance.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

             Big Brother Africa season 10 cancelled
Big Brother Africa fans will have to miss their favorite reality show TV for this year as the organizers (Endemol, M-Net) seem to have failed to get sponsors. 

"I think it’s mainly because of cash constraints as we all know the show is very expensive to put up," Ghana's MultiChoice Manager, Anne Sacky, said.

Last year's edition, Big Brother season 9 was affected by a devastating fire that swept through the entire house forcing the organizers to arrange another location while all the housemates were already in South Africa.

It was such a costly venture. Visa regulations for some countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone and Rwanda were changed and had it not been for the fire that led to show to be postponed, some countries like Rwanda could have not been part of the show.

We still have five months before we say good bye to 2015, so who knows, anything could happen between now and then, otherwise, this will be a blow to Desire Luzinda, Judith Heard, Anita Fabiola and Hellen Lukoma who were likely to give this year's version a try having failed on season 9.

Big Brother Season 10 cancelled

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014
Tayo Gets $350,000 from a Nigerian Billionaire
Last Sunday, Idris Sultan from Tanzania was declared the winner of the Big Brother Hotshots after 63 days of stiff competition. He beat his closest rival Tayo Faniran from Nigeria winning Biggie's US$300,000 cash prize. On being announced as the ultimate hotshot, he fell to his knees kissing the ground as Tayo shook his head in disbelief.
All that is over now for the Nigerian rep whose girl friend gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, Toye, while he was in the house. As the second last man standing, Biggie gave him a gold chain, and as he was getting to terms with his loss, one ardent fan who was keenly following him in the house has vowed to give him a whooping $350,000.
Billionaire and oil magnate, Ayiri Emami, from Warri in Nigeria was following the game closely and was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Tayo was the ultimate hotshot, but just like other Nigerians he was dissapointed.
Now that he deserved to win, Emami has even added $50,000 onto BBA prize money that Tayo would have got had he won. The Naija billionaire contributed close to USD30,000 towards the African Queen singer, 2Face Idibia's wedding last year.
Some of the toys in his yard include a 2014 Bentley, Porsche, Escalade and Range Rover to mention but a few. On October 23, it was his wife's birthday and the present was a customised Rolls Royce. It should also be noted that Emami and Asba have been married for several years but still so in love.
This was followed by a lovely intimate dinner at Dell Frisco's Grill in Texas, Houston. Below are some of the shots for the customised Rolls Royce.
Asba Emami's customised Rolls Royce
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Sunday, 07 December 2014

Idris from Tanzania wins Big Brother Africa Season 9

Tanzania's Idris Sultan,(21), a photographer by profession is $300,000 richer after winning the Big Brother Hotshots, season 9, beating 25 other contestants. Unlike other seasons, this was 63 days. Last Sunday, our very own Ellah was evicted along with three others leaving behind eight finalists that include;

Butterphly and Mam' Bea, JJ and Sipe, Nhlanhla and Macky 2, and that was the order in which they were evicted. Smartly dressed Idris Sultan from Tanzania was later declared the winner leaving Nigeria's Tayo who was clad in a black and white striped T-shirt in tears.

As usual IK had a chat with the two finalists who were dropped by a white limousine to the Big Brother stage. Tayo said that if he won the money, he would pay bride price for the woman of his life, while Idris said that this money came from Africa, so he give it back to Africa.

Idris was dating Ellah and Goitse, but he loved Goitse more something that did not please Ellah to the extent that when she was evicted, she was drumming up support for Butterphly as opposed to the Tanzanian photographer. Having won the $300,000, Idris is now a ladies man and our beauty queen, Ellah should be prepared if she is to feature on Idris' list.

It's the second time Tanzania is winning the Big Brother prize. Richard Bezuidenhout from Tanzania won BBA2.

How Africa Voted?

  • Idris - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Namibia (5)
  • Tayo - Nigeria and Mozambique (2)
  • Macky 2 - Rest of Africa, Zambia (2)
  • Nhlanhla - South Africa, Botswana (2)
  • JJ - Zimbabwe (1)
  • Sipe - Malawi (1)
  • Butterphly -  - 

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Ellah blaming herself for the romance gone bad with Tanzania's Idris

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