Bobi Wine loves my behind-Cindy

11 JUL 2017 12:39 AM


Cindy was on NTV as a guest speaker and the topic was hacking
Cindy talks about how Hon. Kyagulanyi complimented her looks when he saw her birthday pics

Cindy was on Sunday night appearing on NTV's Perspective with Josephine Karungi program that was focusing on hacking and the topic was;

Leaked catchy pictures and videos that are spreading like a wild fire, how they leak? What to do when your private information/data leaks to the public? How can the law help you?

Cindy was a guest speaker because her pics were the very first one's to leak way back in 2008, she was asked how her birthday shots found their way on the internet.


"My boyfriend was far and I loved him so much so I asked my sister to take pics of me using a camera. I went to an Internet Cafe and that is where I sent the pics from. A few months later, that camera was stolen. Now I'm not sure if it's the guys at the Internet cafe or the thief who stole the camera that leaked them, I just could not tell."

"At 3am, I got calls from people saying they had seen my pics in the papers. I thought it was an article about my music until Bobi Wine called me. Many people had called me hurling only insults, but when Bobi Wine called, he was like; "You have a nice 'behind'.."

Cindy and Bobi Wine doing their Dilemma song

It was the only positive comment I got the rest were only bashing me. The show host Josephine Karungi asked her if she did not leak her pics to hype her music, Cindy said that was not the case and being that she was the first, there was no other person she was emulating then unlike now when many may want to copy Desire Luzinda.

"Other than that, the pics were not a publicity stunt, but without denying, they got my name out there," Cindy concluded.







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