Diamond Platnumz in town for Zari's mom funeral

21 JUL 2017 1:12 PM


Diamond Platnumz comforting his wife duting the vigil

Tanzania's finest, Diamond Platnumz, is in town for the funeral of his mother-in-law. Zari;s mom died yesterday and she will be buried today in Busunju.

In the pic above, Platnumz is seen chatting with Zari's dad as his wife is well seated on the floor following the conversation. They later resorted to the sofa and started following various comments from fans on different social networks. Platnumz was having shows in Nairobi when Zari's ex hubby died, but this time around, he was flexible.

It's been a difficult time for Zari, at the time when her mom passed, she had gone back to check on her little son, Nillan, who was equally not well and before that, she was in Kayunga visiting her ex-husband's grave.

Zari's mom died of diabetes and high blood pressure, she was aged 58.

Zari visits Ivan Semwanga's grave

"Bin a min bro, passed by to see how u keeping. Gone but not forgotten," Zari captioned the pic


"Every woman would've chosen Ivan over Diamond (including myself) but we don't know what made her walk away from Ivan's life...so, don't judge a situation you have no knowledge about," One lady commented responding to those who were commenting negatively.

Before Zari left for Uganda, Platnumz did a private show for her
Before Zari left for Uganda, Platnumz did a private show for her on guitar.

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